How to connect external processing 1c

So, in version 8.2, the program does not work with files on your computer, but with files on the 1C server. To connect external processing, you first need to transfer the external processing file to the server. To do this, place the file in the temporary storage: in the handler of the opening command, use the method “Place a File ()”. When you specify the value True in the fourth parameter, a file selection window will appear in which you specify the file to be placed in the repository.
Connect externalprocessingusing the method "Connect ()", performed on the server "1C" in the external processing manager. The parameters passed specify the path to the external processing file (Storage Address). This method returns another necessary parameter - the name of the connected external processing (Name Processing). Enter all commands correctly and without spaces so that the program can recognize all operations.
Open the external processing form using the Open Form () method,to which you need to transfer the name of the form, forming a line like: "External Processing." + Name Processing + "Form." ExternalprocessingYou can also connect in the execution mode of the program code using the third parameter of the “Connect ()” method in the external process manager.
More information about the methods of connecting external processing can be found in the “1C” documentation in the “Developer's Guide”, namely in section, the “Objects” item of the configuration, as well as in the helper syntax. There are also special video instructions on the Internet that will help you in real-time learning how to work with the 1C software package.