How to connect a bluetooth headset?

Ksenia Gaynulina
Ksenia Gaynulina
November 26, 2014
How to connect a bluetooth headset?

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How to connect a bluetooth headset?

Various gadgets tightly entered our lives and now we are constantly in touch. For some, this is a job, but for others it is a way to brighten it. And for the first, and for the second, and especially for those who like to talk while driving, there is a great solution - this is a bluetooth headset. Today, voice communication is supported not only by phones, but also by tablets and laptops. Let's figure out how to connect a bluetooth headset to all of these devices.

How to connect a bluetooth headset to your phone

  1. First, turn on bluetooth on the phone and activate the mode "visible to all."
  2. Turn on the headset.
  3. When the phone "sees" it, enter the pairing code from the instructions for your headset.
  4. The headset is connected.

How to connect to a smartphone or tablet

Just as the headset connects to the phone, it can be connected to a smartphone or tablet. Turning on bluetooth and making a pairing. This is done once, after which the headset connects when you simply select it in the paired devices.

How to connect to a laptop and computer

If you already have a bluetooth adapter on your computer, go to the second point, if not, you first need to buy and connect it.

  1. We install on the adapter the driver from the disk that comes with the headset.
  2. Install the program to work with bluetooth. It usually comes bundled on the same disk, or you can install any one you like.
  3. Run the program.
  4. Select "connect device" or "device connection wizard" in it, if required, select "Specific device" and click "next".
  5. Now select our headset and enter the pairing code.
  6. That's all, now we configure what functions and how the headset will perform and use.