How to close the yard

Quite often they build a fence made of stone or brick. The fact is that these materials are reliable, durable and durable. A stone wall can fit well into any landscape. Fences of this type is the best option to protect the site.
For masonry brick fence, use ordinary or facing bricks, which may have different colors. If you still decide to build a stone fence, then use limestone, cobblestone, sandstone or shell rock. The stone fence made of hewn or rubble looks quite nice. It is not recommended to build long monotonous brick walls. The fact is that the movement of the ground may eventually cause tension in the foundation of this wall. Split brickwork may occur.
To prevent masonry splitting, install pillars at regular intervals. They should have a deeper basement. You can give brick pillars more strength. Reinforce with metal rods.To do this, use steel rods or pipes of different diameters. Install this reinforced block in the center of the column, cement and brick over all sides. You can install bricks horizontally or vertically, close to or at intervals. A brick that is laid close together will make the fence absolutely "opaque."
Brick fence looks impregnable. It is very durable. The average service life of such a structure is 50 years. Also this fence does not require any maintenance. No need to paint, lubricate and wipe it. Most often, such a fence has a height of 3 - 3.5 meters. It is worth noting, brick and stone fences at the moment are the most expensive.
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Title: RE: How to close your yard? Unfortunately, the legislation does not provide for the privatization of the yard, so this issue should be resolved on its own - at the expense of residents of an apartment building. There is another option - to contact the deputy of the municipal district.
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Question: Is it true that closing the courtyard with remote control is a violation in terms of fire safety rules? The answer is: trueall that is - is illegal (well, if not the developer is initially closed and legalized), if suddenly a fire or something else, your gates will tear down and weep your cashies.