How to clean the pan?

Perebasova Evgenia
Perebasova Evgenia
August 15, 2012
How to clean the pan?

Each housewife can have such trouble as a burnt pan. However, not everyone knows how to clean a burnt pan, besides the pans come in with different coatings, and each pan must have its own approach. In this article we will talk about how to clean the pan with different coatings, so as not to spoil it.

Clean the pan: tips

How to clean the enameled pan

  • You can not immediately fill the burned pot with cold water, as sudden changes in temperature will spoil the enamel.
  • Do not use a metal grater, it will also damage the enamel.
  • Good for cleaning enamel pans boiling soda solution in it. After that, the pan is easy to clean and rinse thoroughly.
  • To clean the pan, you can also soak it for a couple of hours with soda or detergent solution. And then wash the pan in the usual way.
  • If the pan is darkened inside, then boiling rhubarb or peel of sour apples in it will help you.
  • Boiling it in a bucket of soap or soda solution will help you to clean the pan completely.

How to clean the aluminum pan

For a start, it is worth noting that aluminum is a soft metal, so aluminum pans cannot be washed and cleaned with hard and metal brushes. In addition, there are aluminum pots with special coatings, which are also easily damaged with hard sponges. Also, aluminum is a chemically active metal; therefore, acid and alkaline detergents cannot be used.

  • For washing aluminum dishes it is best to use a soap solution. You can pre-soak the soiled saucepan for a couple of hours.
  • Excellent for cleaning aluminum pots suitable for washing glass and porcelain.
  • You can also use boiling solution of baking soda in a saucepan. Then thoroughly rinse the pan.
  • Blackened aluminum utensils can be saved by wiping it with a sponge moistened with a weak solution of vinegar, then rinse thoroughly.

How to clean a stainless steel pot

Such pans can be cleaned only with mild cleaning agents, using soft sponges.

  • Burnt stainless steel pot can be cleaned by boiling soda solution in it. After the pan cools off, wash it thoroughly.
  • In addition, soaking the pot in soapy water, soda solution or detergent solution helps.
  • With the help of soda, you can clean the pan without soaking, just pour in the soda and leave it for several hours, then remove the dirt with a sponge and wash the dishes.

When caring for any dishes, remember that before a strong heat treatment, all plastic parts must be removed from the pots. In addition to these funds, you can use products with reduced chemical activity (for example, Amway).

Now you know how to clean the pot, take care of your dishes correctly, and then it will serve you for a long time.