How to choose the right curling iron

Modern curling irons allow achieving dizzy volume, large curls or small curls. When choosing a device, it is necessary to consider for what purposes you will use it and how often.
Perhaps the main criterion in the selection of curling hair for hair will be the presence of certain attachments. With their help, you can make curls of different diameters, to achieve the original pattern of waves, the shape of curls. The most common are standard round nozzles - for simple curls. The advantage of using them is the natural look of the hairstyle, the diameter of the nozzle can vary from 13 to 31 mm.
Universal conical, spiral nozzles are also common - for creating elastic curls. Corrugated nozzles are needed if you like experimenting with hairstyles. Create textures bold images textures - nozzles that reproduce hearts, circles, butterflies and other figures on the surface of hair.Meet on sale will succeed curling iron with nozzles, irons for straightening strands. Curling iron can have several rods, such double and triple devices are used in professional salons.
The type of work surface also matters. Metal curling will be the most affordable at the price, but they heat up for a long time and negatively affect the hair structure. Models with a ceramic coating are considered to be more gentle on exposure to curls; they heat up evenly and quickly. A good choice would be a curling iron with a tourmaline surface, such a material produces negative ions when it is heated, which helps neutralize static electricity on the hair.
Estimate when choosing a curling iron for hair width of the heating surface. It should be related to the length and thickness of your hair. For a short hairstyle, a narrow model is suitable; for a long head of hair, you need to buy a curling iron with a wide surface to make it easier to style your hair.
Ideally, the curling iron should have a temperature adjustment function. It is necessary if you do not want to harm your hair. As a rule, for large curls you need to set the temperature to 100-120 ° C, curls of small size are made at the maximum temperature.But constantly use the curling iron in this mode is impossible, so as not to burn the hair.
For daily use, it is better to buy a curling iron with a power of no more than 50 watts. More powerful devices have considerable weight, so they are chosen for salons. When purchasing a model, be sure to pay attention to the brand, price. Save on the quality of the equipment is not worth it, cheap curling iron can ruin the hair even with proper use and careful care.