How to choose binoculars for hunting

Before you start choosing binoculars for hunting, you need to pay close attention to its size and weight. The hunter, of course, would like to have in his arsenal binoculars, which has a small weight and size. But it is necessary to take into account, if the dimensions of the optical device are quite small, then this reduces its luminosity. When choosing the size of binoculars is better to stick to the golden mean. The body of the model should have a rubber-coated shell, which provides additional protection when falling.
All types of binoculars are designated multiplicity-lens, for example, 10-42. In this case, the first digit indicates the degree of magnification, and the second symbolizes the diameter of the external lens, and also characterizes the luminosity. Too much magnification with a small lens creates poor visibility in low light, the object's ambiguity. The larger the diameter of the lens, the more light it can capture and the clearer the visibility of the object.But note, the increase in diameter affects the weight and size of binoculars. The optimal ratio of multiplicity and lens - 8x32 (portable, which can be carried in your pocket) - 10x42 (more overall, suitable for hunting in ambush).
Fog, snow and rain can ruin a pair of binoculars. Therefore, when choosing an optical device for hunting, you should pay attention to models with moisture protection (waterproof). Many hunters are faced with the problem of fogging glasses, here the main reason is the change in temperature and humidity, the wind can also add problems. High-quality binoculars provide an advance protection for lenses against fogging, and nitrogen is pumped into the tubes of an optical device. See also the twilight number of binoculars, which characterizes the image quality in low light. The bigger the twilight number, the better.
We can not say about the price of the optical device. Good binoculars for hunting - not a cheap thing. Therefore, no need to skimp, it is better to immediately get a good and high-quality device. After all, with the right treatment of binoculars will serve you forever.