How to choose an apple. Advice

Choosing apples correctly!





A selection of applesin a supermarket or on the market is not so simple as it seems at first glance. Here are some tipshow to choose freshand high-quality apples.

When choosing an apple, you need to take into account the fact why you are buying it, if in order to just eat, you need to be fresh, ripe, sweet. If you are looking for apples for "baking", then you need to choose "older" apples that are soft, or even slightly over-ripe. Takeapple in handand look at its appearance. Pay attention to color changes. When an apple lies long or beaten, it becomes brown (oxidized) and becomes soft. Pay attention to the shape of the apple. More round apples are green varieties, they are more accurate than elongated types of varieties. Although round apples are also good when they are only picked from a tree ... Here are some of the simplest tips for picking apples, perhaps someone did not know. And if you bought cherries, then we have a recipe for delicious cherry dishes.


How to choose good apples



To choose the right apples, which will be exactly beneficial to our health, you need to pay attention to:

  • country of origin. Preference is given to apples that were grown in your area. In addition, apples grown in the central part of Russia will always be more useful than apples grown in its southern part.
  • apple flavor.Apples should smell delicious. If apples do not emit any smell, then the same effect should be expected from their use.
  • apple peel.The peel of apples should be without visible wrinkles and obvious darkening. Apples must be strong to the touch.
  • the size.Here size matters only because small apples are less overripe than large ones. It is simple worth considering.
  • purity.Apples must be clean. Apples that are evenly covered with some kind of liquid should not be bought, hoping to launder them at home. This is most likely a transport wax, which is covered with apples for long transportations, so that they do not lose their presentation for a long time. This wax is very poorly washed off, even if you use a cleanser with a cloth.

Store bought apples recommended in a cool, dark place. This place can ideally be your fridge. By the way, if you bought some not fully ripe apples, then the same refrigerator will help them "grow".


Cut apples oxidize very quickly and lose their attractive appearance; therefore, it is not recommended to keep such fruits at all.