How to choose a wife?

Probably many men break their heads at the expense of choosing a woman with whom he will have to live the rest of his life, because how to limit yourself? How to quit all for one? How to throw all the rampant nights with friends, freedom and independence? But in fact, you can also choose a woman with whom you want to live more than one life, with which you can fly away even to the edge of the universe! But for this you need to know how to choose the right wife for a long and happy marriage. This problem is not new and always relevant. Men have long been tormented by this issue. Choosing a wife is a responsible and important step for everyone. Here it is necessary to approach the issue very scrupulously, because how do you choose your wife, mother of future children, grandmother of your lovely grandchildren.

You should not give in to emotion and fuss in choosing, and if you already have a candidate, then look at it not through the prism of feelings, but soberly. Look at a number of characteristics that can help you decide.

  • Meet her parents and close relatives. Look at the behavior of parents, their habits - these are the characteristics that are embedded in the behavior and characters of your future wife.If there is a minimal amount of irritation in communication, and you would like your children to have these genes, then everything is fine. The first stage of choosing a companion is passed.
  • Pay attention to the friends with whom she is surrounded. Here we must observe their behavior, because after the wedding, people who you do not like just do not disappear and do not dissolve, so try to influence the choice of friends. If everything is categorical, then think, and do you need a wife to communicate with such people? Then draw conclusions: accept or change the girl.
  • Check the personal qualities of your darling, for example, shopping. This way of solving the problem of how to choose a wife is very effective. If the companion can control herself at the sight of various bright and fashionable things, and also not to buy everything she saw, this is a big plus. But when she came into the store and began to choose everything for herself, and then to criticize each blouse and tell you about fashion, then try to run away from such a girl faster and further.
  • If, after a terrible shopping check, you are still together, then go on a vacation together. Look at her behavior on vacation, if she is passive, it means she will always be tired.But if she is the initiator of excursions, hikes, then this is the option that suits you. After all, with such a wife everyday life will not be gray and monotonous.
  • Think about living together. Understand with yourself in a pig, and are you ready to endure it 24 hours a day? Will she be able to fit into your lifestyle, will you be pleased when she opens the door in the evening? It is very easy to decide how to choose a good wife. Many psychologists advise you to take such a step: to transport the girl to yourself, hand over a certain amount of expenses and leave for 3-4 days from home. If you come back and see your apartment clean, comfortable, a fridge with fresh products and lunch on the table, this is a huge plus. And if a girl comes out to meet you made up, in neat clothes, then here is the argument in her favor. This is all the factors of choosing her for his wife. Well, if the remaining amount of money is still on the table in the hall - grab the girl and run to the registrar office. Do not give someone such a favorite treasure!

Men, remember that a wife is a state of the heart and soul, and not stamps in passports. You should think about the advantages and disadvantages of the companion.Remember that she will also have to turn a blind eye to your cons, because we are all imperfect. It’s worth thinking only about you, not parents, psychologists and friends. Family life is based on many aspects, so take a look at the chosen girl - whether she can become a mainstay in the problems, solutions and simple support in a difficult moment. Do not choose a wife by the rules or canons, take her with your heart. There is one small truth: when you have something to talk with a person, if you don’t bother him, then you should already think about a serious step in your relationship.