How to choose a used car?

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How to choose a used car?

Buying a car is a very important and responsible business. Now we will look at some tricks that will help you understand how to choose a used car and not stay at a loss.

Verification of documents

Perhaps this is the most basic and most important thing you should do. Autocrats are now a dime a dozen.

  1. Technical passport We carefully check in which year the car was released and in which it was registered.
  2. We check the number on the body and on the engine.
  3. We check the service book. The owner may not have it, but it is easy to determine from it how often the car was repaired and checked, how many owners changed, and who serviced it.
  4. Keep in mind that in the passport year of manufacture can be forged. Therefore, you should check it by VIN (machine identification number). It is still easier for foreign cars - we look at the year of manufacture on the seat belt anchorage.

Meet on clothes: external data cars

Inspect the car outside. First, the car must be perfectly washed.Under a layer of dirt, you may not notice paint defects and irregularities that indicate an accident.

  1. Sit down beside the car so that your gaze slides along the surface of its side. From this angle, all flaws are visible. If a place has caused you to doubt, you can check it out. To do this, lean against it a magnet wrapped in cloth. And the fabric should be dense enough - so that the magnet barely pestered to the fridge. If the magnet on the car does not hold - it means that there are several layers of paint or putty.
  2. Open and close all doors. They must make the same sound and close with one effort. If this is not the case, the body was most likely damaged.
  3. Unscrew the rubber seals at the door and compare the paint with the paint on the surface. If there are differences, it means that the car was repainted.
  4. Raise the hood and inspect the inside of the car for defects and rust. Chinese cars very often begin to rust parts.

Take off the mind: the internal state of the machine

Now we inspect the interior of the car.

  1. Upholstery in the cabin should be intact.
  2. All appliances and switches should work.
  3. Separately check all wiper modes and air conditioning.
  4. Open and close the windows on all doors.
  5. Inspect the cabin floor, looking under the rug. If there's a puddle there is a leak somewhere.
  6. Carefully check that the engine does not leak anywhere. Hoses must be intact and resilient.
  7. The state of the engine is determined by the oil: if small metallic particles are floating in it, the crankshaft bearings are worn out. Strong gas separation when the engine is running out of the neck of the oil filling - piston rings are damaged. There can be no knocking at the motor - this indicates a very deep damage. Check that the oil is not too thick - otherwise the sounds will be muted.
  8. Cooling system. From the very beginning there should be no bubbles in the radiator. If they are, the head gasket is most likely broken. In antifreeze should not be in any case, neither oil nor rust.
  9. Turn on the engine and plug the exhaust pipe. If the motor stalled - then everything is in order.

Car engine

Test Drive

The most important step in how to choose the right car is its test in action.

  1. Transmissions should switch easily and clearly.Any rattles or aching sounds indicate a faulty car.
  2. Climb up the hill and stop to check the parking brake. If you turn it on and gently start moving, and the motor does not stall, you will have to change the friction clutch linings.
  3. To learn how to choose a used car VAZ, you need to check the clutch. Starting at low revs, it must effectively respond to your movements. When the clutch is fully squeezed out, there should be no sound from the release bearing.
  4. On a flat area, check the geometry of the suspension and body. To do this, on the go release the steering wheel. If the car led - then this is no longer correct, the geometry is broken. If the steering wheel is twisted, the steering column is lost.

But the best way to tell you how to choose a used car, video:

Be attentive and careful!