How to choose a mouse?

Any computer user knows how important mouse convenience is. After all, without this device for data entry, work and play, but what can we say, none of the system tasks is almost impossible. If the computer mouse is inconvenient, the hand will quickly tire, and besides this, such parameters as the speed of the cursor movement, the presence of a wire, etc. are important.

Precisely due to the fact that a computer mouse is used everywhere, one should carefully approach its choice. And this is a rather difficult task. Let's take a look at how to choose a mouse so that work at the computer is pleasant, and the game brings only pleasure, not pain in the brush. To do this, we will deal with the parameters and technical characteristics that are most important when choosing a mouse.

Which mouse is better: wired or wireless

The first thing to decide when choosing a computer mouse is the choice of a wired or wireless model. Both options have their pros and cons.

A wireless mouse takes up less space. After all, the number of wires extending from the processor is quite large, the wireless mouse is used with a special USB adapter.From here comes its biggest drawback - it requires regular nutrient changes or recharging from the attached device. It is believed that a wireless mouse is the best option for a laptop. It takes up little space, you do not need to constantly unravel the wire, and, in addition, you can use it at a distance of up to several meters from a laptop.

A wireless mouse is considered to be less accurate and slowly transmits a response. But today it is just a misconception, since modern models are not inferior to the wired versions.

How to choose a wireless mouse

When choosing a mouse of this model, consider the following parameters: the mechanism for charging the battery - using batteries or using a charger. The first is preferable to those who often use the mouse outside the home. Also pay attention to the firm. You should not buy a wireless mouse of an unknown manufacturer, it can adversely affect the time of its work.

Classic wired mouse is perfect for use in a stationary computer. Surely, each of us worked with this model.How to choose a mouse wired or without wire - you decide, depending on the tasks and possibilities of use.

Laser and optical mouse

Technological progress today has touched a computer mouse, because quite recently it was only possible to buy a mechanical model, with the familiar ball inside. Later, optical mice appeared, and today laser models are in great demand. In order to understand how to choose a mouse depending on the type of signal transmission, you should understand a little about their device.

  • An optical mouse is reliable to use, as there are no moving elements in it. The signal is transmitted using an optoelectronic sensor, which contains a LED that emits a light signal to the surface, as well as a receiver that calculates the position and movement of the mouse. You can work with an optical mouse on any surface, with the exception of glass and mirror.
  • A laser computer mouse works exactly the same way, but the difference is that a laser is used instead of an optical device. The laser mouse can work absolutely on any surface.In addition, the accuracy of the laser mouse is slightly higher than the optical accuracy, which is especially important in games or when working with graphics. If you need different accuracy for different work, you can find a model in which you can adjust the settings for accuracy, resolution, etc. using special buttons.

If we talk about which mouse is the best of these two, then we can safely say that the laser. It is better for a variety of characteristics than optical.

Computer mouse ergonomics

Another important criterion for choosing a computer mouse is its ergonomics. In other words, this is how comfortable it will be to work with the device, it is pleasant to hold in your hand.

It is important to remember that if you work with an uncomfortable mouse for a long time, carpal tunnel syndrome may occur - nerve compression in the hand joint. In order to avoid this, it is important to choose the mouse of the desired shape. To date, there are many computer mice of various forms. Here are the main ones:

  • Classic body type. This is the most familiar type of mouse. It has a rounded and symmetrical in all directions form. A brush on such a mouse is comfortable and does not slip outside the device. But there are also disadvantages - after long work, the area around the thumb is quite tired.Such a mouse is best for short-term computer work.
  • Ergomic and asymmetric body type. Such mice are becoming increasingly popular today. This is due to the fact that the choice of asymmetric computer mice is so great that each person can find the model best suited for his brush shape.

It should be said that ergomichnuyu mouse has a large number of advantages - the hand is positioned in such a way that fatigue of the hand is felt only after prolonged work. In addition, the brush almost never goes beyond the mouse, covers it in the most convenient way.

The only disadvantage of such a mouse is the price, but for sure you can choose a convenient model, even if you want to save money.

Extra keys and functionality

In the matter of how to choose a mouse, it is impossible not to touch such a convenient component as functionality. Today you can find a mouse with a variety of additional buttons and rollers, both for games and for office work.

If you are an avid gamer, be sure to pay attention to the model with a large number of buttons, it will simplify some game tasks.To work with office applications, you can find a model with double-click buttons, “paste”, “copy”, “cut” buttons.

In addition, be sure to pay attention to the resolution of the mouse. If you need a device for professional work with an image or video, then you should choose the model with the highest number of dots per inch (dpi). Their range ranges from 400 to 4000.

How to choose a gaming mouse

We should also say about the gaming mouse. If you spend a lot of time playing games, then you shouldn't skimp on a mouse. It is advisable to choose an ergomic model that will conveniently lie in your hand. In addition, it is not bad if there are additional keys on the mouse. The resolution of a computer mouse for a game should be very high, because sometimes even a few seconds are saved in the game.

How to choose a mouse: manufacturer company

The manufacturer plays an important role in choosing a quality mouse. It is desirable to prefer top brands that have long produced good devices, for example, A4Tech, Logitec, Genius. It is worth saying that high-quality models are quite expensive, but if you need a really good mouse, you do not need to save.

I hope you now know how to choose a computer mouse. After all, the choice of this device depends not only on the quality of work, but also on comfort and even your health.