How to choose a fitness trainer

We decided to get rid of excess weight and find the perfect figure? Then sooner or later you will get a subscription to the nearest fitness center or gym.

There are enough trainers in the fitness centers, there will be for every taste: pumped up Arnolds, lean girls of model appearance, slender instructors and even quite plump ones. However, in 90% of the cases of who you have to work with, it is not you who determines, but the manager.

It goes something like this: you come up and ask to sign you up for a personal briefing or tell us that you want to take some individual training. To which the girl at the reception begins to look through the list of all coaches and selects, as a rule, the one who has less workload.

In many clubs, coaches are not divided into classes, levels, and managers often do not know what a particular instructor specializes in. For employees of the commercial department, the main task is to sell as many lessons as possible with a coach,so that the hall earns money and the instructor does not remain without a salary (as a rule, the instructor provides most of the income with individual training). And as far as the trainer and his methodology are suitable for this particular visitor, what quality will be the training, the manager doesn’t care.

Therefore, when choosing an instructor, carefully listen to the advice of the girl from the reception, but do it your own way.

If you come to a normal fitness club, and not to the rocking chair located in the nearest basement, where the only trainer works all day and night, then you will have the choice. Feel free to ask to show everyone. And for the manager, and for the fitness instructor workout - just a business and the opportunity to earn. This is an axiom. Of course, there are enthusiasts who work for the sake of results, and not for the sake of money. But in our pragmatic society such are extremely rare.

Therefore, approach the choice of a specialist to whom you intend to entrust your body, with all seriousness, paying attention to his appearance and past victories.

Do not expect that by paying for personal training, you will immediately become slimmer or find the perfect body for 10-15 visits to the gym. The only thing that will definitely lose weight is your wallet.Because, contrary to popular belief, the coach can not make your waist smaller. He will help you choose a diet or give recommendations on nutrition, make a competent training plan, explain the correct technique for doing the exercises, and drive you seven pots. He may also require you to result, scold, compel, persuade.

But if you yourself do not follow the diet, physical work outside the hall, and filing - all the efforts of the coach will be in vain. Of course, you can lose a little weight, but as soon as the program ends, the weight will return.