How to choose a convenient and high-quality travel case?

If you finally gathered on vacation, and not just like that, but with a full-fledged trip to distant countries, then your faithful companion in this difficult task will be none other than a convenient and high-quality suitcase or hiking bag.

Traveling in comfort

Of course, if you are going to travel by air, then your best bet is to focus your attention on modern suitcases, the creators did a good job on their modern implementation, their acquisition really justifies the time spent on choosing the right option and financial costs.

No wonder they say that 30% of a successful trip is a high-quality and convenient suitcase that will not bring you additional trouble or frustration.

Naturally, most of us have no idea how to choose the right suitcase on wheels, so that the price does not bite much, but the quality did not let down on the very first trip.

Many tourists are of the opinion that they shouldn’t spend too much on a suitcase, buying the cheapest and most primitive model, they rely on the fact that it should be enough for one trip, and then, they say, you still have to buy a new one.

Of course, there is a certain logic in this, because many people know too active loaders at airports that handle baggage extremely carelessly, transferring them from one heap to another.

But think about it yourself, if the suitcase is already flimsy, then after such overloads you even less risk bringing your luggage to the very place of rest, not to mention going home.

So, in any case, the suitcase must be chosen with full responsibility, if it is reasonable to approach this issue, then it can be protected from falls and strikes, and a good and high-quality model will serve you for many years.

If in the near future you are going to the store for a new suitcase, then take as a rule a few simple but very important points that will help you a lot in choosing a high-quality and, importantly, strong suitcase.

All the characteristics of a quality suitcase


The first thing you need to figure out is the required size of the intended suitcase. Of course, if you are going on a long vacation with the whole family, then you can not do without a large and very roomy storage on wheels.

However, in such cases, most experienced travelers still advise buying several, but medium suitcases, for each member of the family. With a huge cabinet on wheels you will be extremely uncomfortable and hard, although it is equipped with some lightweight gadgets.

If even children are traveling with you, then you can also buy your karapuzu your children's suitcase. Often they are bright and colorful, on wheels and with a comfortable handle, the child likes that he too is involved in the process, and you will always know where your favorite toy or your child's t-shirt lies.

Ideal for kids

If you are planning a small flight, or traveling alone, it is easier to get by with a small and compact briefcase. By the way, a very convenient thing is suitcases on wheels that can increase their size to 5-7 cm, which forms a considerable amount of additional space.

Composition and material

Of course, it is necessary to choose a durable and reliable material that will be resistant to rain splashes, snow and mud, since anything can happen on a journey.

The most prestigious and expensive are leather-lined suitcases, they look incredibly beautiful, and are also quite durable. But, unfortunately, the skin is not resistant to various kind of deformation, scratches and damage. In this regard, more durable models of leatherette.

Leather is the most expensive option.

Another option that many tourists prefer is a good plastic travel bag. Such models, of course, are moisture resistant, fairly light and, thanks to modern alloys and additives, durable.

Plastic is a good value for money.

Especially famous are cases made of polypropylene and ABS plastic, which are distinguished by their flexibility and resistance to impact. However, of course, you can run into a cheap fake, which will crack after the first overload at the airport.

Fabric variant

There is another option - cloth cases. Such models do not scratch, high-quality suitcases usually have a special impregnation, which makes it moisture resistant. Such products have a relatively low price, and are also notable for their lightness and rich choice of exterior finishes.


An important point in choosing a suitcase is the quality of the wheels, because without them you are tortured to carry your luggage on yourself. Usually there are 2 or 4 wheels, the latter - stable and more maneuverable than their two-wheeled counterparts.

The very composition of the wheels is also important, the most durable - it is made of molded silicone, there are also semi-silicone, semi-plastic and plastic.

The last option is the worst, they are practically not resistant to shocks, any hummock or step can become fatal for them. Pay attention to the fastening - they should in no case be plastic, give preference only to metal structures.

A pen

The ideal option is the presence of a telescopic handle (retractable), which necessarily has a button for fastening and fixing the height. There should also be a pair of ordinary handles, for which you can move luggage, for example, on a ladder, for them the loaders will overload your suitcase.

Pay attention to the pen

If you always grab for the sliding handle, then it will quickly break down. By the way, be sure to make sure it is metal, not plastic.


Most often, these bags are equipped with the usual "lightning", like nothing special, but be sure to check whether it runs well, does not jam and does not interfere with anything in the process of fastening. Some companies equip their models with built-in code locks - the idea is extremely undesirable, they are unreliable in themselves, quickly become unusable, and then they have to be opened along with damage to a part of the suitcase.

Best of all - hinged bona fide constructions. Avoid a large number of external hinged pockets - you will not put anything valuable in them, but they take up a place, and you are constantly afraid that something will fly out of them.

The price of a good suitcase on wheels

This question is of concern to many, and the answer to it is difficult to obtain an unequivocal one. One thing is true - a good suitcase is not cheap. Famous brands take quite a lot of their “brainchild”, and faceless Chinese fakes can please you with a very low price, but also with the same missing quality.

Therefore, it is best to look for a "middle ground", not very well-known brands also produce quite high-quality and wear-resistant models, the main thing is to carefully consider the issue of choosing a model, all of which we have already told you above. Have a good trip!

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