How to choose a clinic for diagnosis?

Early diagnosis of diseases allows you to prescribe an effective treatment and reduce the number of complications or the occurrence of relapses in the future. Here are just a few patients will go to the doctor just for examinations.

That is why the World Health Organization made a recommendation to undergo a routine medical examination in adults annually (or every three years, depending on the place of work), and in children with a certain frequency.

The purpose of the research is to identify chronic non-communicable diseases, which are the main cause of disability and early mortality.

Diagnostic doctors are engaged in the study of all organs and systems in order to make an accurate diagnosis. Today, this area is even highlighted in a separate specialty.

Many patients choose private centers for clinical examination, which guarantees the absence of queues and the high quality of all services. To visit the doctor was productive, it is important to carefully consider the choice of the clinic.

How to quickly find a clinic?

The market of private clinics is huge, but not all medical institutions have the necessary equipment and qualified specialists.

In order to make the search faster and easier - use the new service for finding diagnostic centers This is a specialized service for the selection of diagnostic centers with a current base, which is expanding every month and complemented by new institutions.

The project includes clinics from all parts of the city, which makes it possible to find a suitable option by location near your home or work.

An important element on the portal is a convenient search line. Select the required diagnostics and enter the name of the district or metro station. After a couple of seconds, the system will produce all the relevant results, which can be sorted by cost, rating and time.

How to find a good diagnostic center?

To undergo a qualitative diagnosis, it is important when choosing a clinic to pay attention to key parameters.

  • Necessary equipment for research. Consider the year of manufacture of the equipment, power, the number of associated programs, licenses and safety certificates.If you need to undergo an x-ray or CT scan, specify how high the radiation exposure will be during the examination. With ultrasound, find out if doppler, 3D and 4D modes, etc.

  • The experience of doctors. Whatever modern equipment is, the doctor makes a conclusion and examination, and if he lacks the qualifications to detect small changes or correctly interpret the data, the diagnostics will not bring results.

  • Reviews of patients. Opinions of other clients will provide an opportunity to assess the level of work of specialists.

  • Cost of services. It is better to focus on the average prices in the city. If the cost is too low, there is a high probability that there will be hidden payments, for example, for decrypting images or printing images.

  • Location Note that many studies require prior preparation or are performed on an empty stomach. Make sure that it is convenient for you to then get home to rest.

  • Car parking for clients.

  • Schedule.

The card of each center on contains detailed information: description, address, work schedule, nearest metro stations, reviews, as well as a detailed price list.This allows you to make a choice in a short time and find a good diagnostic center for a comprehensive examination.