How to cheer up after sleep. Complex gymnastic exercises

Healthy sleep is no less useful than vitamins and fresh air. The result of proper bedtime should be a light and vigorous morning. For a good night's rest, you must observe the following rules:
- Do not eat for 1-2 hours before bedtime;
- always go to bed at the same time;
- to air the room before going to bed;
- take a relaxing and hygienic water procedures;
- go to bed in a comfortable and natural linen.
Compliance with these rules ensures a strong sleep and vigorous awakening. At the same time, the morning should consist of a number of everyday, mandatory actions. In no case can not get up sharply. Remember how children wake up, they first sweetly sip in their beds, then open their eyes and sit down. Similar actions should be done by an adult.
A sharp rise can cause “pastoral hypotension”, i.e. dizziness and possible syncope. People with cardiovascular problems and pregnant women are particularly susceptible to this phenomenon.
Not all people love the early ascents, especially in the cold season, when there is a low temperature and a short daylight day outside the window. The complex of morning exercises helps you to tune in to the working mood, which must be started while being in bed. Do not rush to rise, stretch, bend your back, straighten your arms and legs, feel the strength in the muscles.
Wave your hands and then your feet. It is possible to act chaotically, the main goal is to warm up the muscles and joints stiffened during sleep. Do not forget to throw off the blanket before this. If the room is cool, these movements will help you warm up.
The following exercises are performed in a sitting position. Remember that you should not rise sharply, may be dizzy. Place your legs at shoulder level, straighten your back. Raise your hands up, then move aside and back as far as you can. Continuing to sit, you can stretch the shoulder joints and the cervical region. Use your fingers to reach your shoulders, make several circular movements clockwise and against.Now tilt your head back and forth, tilt it towards the left shoulder and towards the right. Perform circular movements of the head in one and the other direction.
Clapping hands improves mood, improves cognitive abilities, sensory perception and attention, has a positive effect on memory and thinking, facilitates social adaptation and relieves nervous tension.In the standing position, the body should tilt in all directions in order. Rotate your hips clockwise and in the opposite direction. Try leaning forward to get your feet with your fingers. Exercises can be as varied as you know and like. However, do not overload yourself. Exercise should be easy, without sudden movements. Morning exercise should cheer up and in no case cause fatigue. Having completed the exercises, you can applaud yourself. The harsh rhythmic sounds of claps not only amuse, but also carry a useful and healing effect.
During any exercise, endorphins, or, as they are also called, hormones of happiness, are released into the blood. Thus, morning exercises will not only help you safely leave the kingdom of Morpheus, but also lift your spirits, awaken your appetite, increase your overall tone.