How to check the evil eye?

Every day, without noticing it, each person is exposed to the influence of negative energy. It is thrown away by other people and can be passed on to any of the people present nearby. Such negative energy flows are called the evil eye. Under his influence, a person begins to feel causeless fatigue, he is haunted by disappointments and failures, and sometimes his personal life collapses. Therefore, it is very important to know how to check if there is an evil eye, so that every time at the first suspicions you do not run to psychics or fortune tellers.

There are many popular signs and beliefs that help you understand whether the source of your failures is in the eye. Here are some of the ways to check the evil eye or damage. To check you will need:

  • church candles (not very thick)
  • a glass of pure water
  • some matches (the lighter categorically does not fit)
  • egg


Take a glass of water and set fire to three matches. They can be set on fire both simultaneously and alternately. When the matches catch fire, throw them into a glass of water. By their location, you can understand whether you have the evil eye or damage.

  • If the matches are floating on the surface of the water, then you can not worry about the evil eye and continue to enjoy life.
  • In the case when the matches are in the water almost vertically - damage to you, but not very strong. It can still be removed on their own.
  • It is worth worrying when you see that the matches drowned - this means that you have serious problems with the evil eye. In this case, you need to contact the professionals in this field, only they will be able to remove this black energy from you.

Human influence

Before you check whether you have the evil eye or not, analyze exactly when you feel bad and depressed. It often happens that a person from the environment has a very negative impact on you. Remember, after talking with someone you have a feeling of depression, you begin to feel tired and inexplicable anxiety? If these emotions were not before the beginning of the conversation, and they appeared only after its completion, it means that the person has a very negative effect on you. Limit your communication with him or stop it altogether.

Church candle

A very easy to use way to check the evil eye is to light a church candle.It is necessary to do this with the help of a regular match. When the candle caught fire, circle it around you several times. If you notice that it is strongly cracking, the tongue of the flame is not calm, and the wax flows down along the edges, forming marvelous figures - it is evil and quite serious on you. His action may soften if you repeatedly read the prayer "Our Father" and go to church.

Definition of egg spoilage

There is another reliable way to check the evil eye with an egg. Take a clean glass and dial it with cold water from the tap. Then gently break a fresh chicken egg and pour it into the water. Do this carefully so as not to damage the yolk, it is very important that it remains intact. Immediately place the glass on your crown, pressing your chin to your chest. Wait at this position for 3 minutes, then carefully remove the glass and see what is visible in the water.

  • If nothing in the glass has changed, namely, the water is clear and the egg has not lost its shape - everything is clear on you.
  • If the yolk lies, and from the squirrel go up strips - you have the evil eye, but not at all significant.
  • If the strips of protein have bubbles - the damage is strong.
  • If you see black dots in the stripes - you are spoiled for death. In this case, be sure and immediately contact a specialist, without his intervention, you can wait for an extremely bad fate.