How to check gold?

A long time ago, back in the 3rd century BC, the great and well-known Archimedes had the opportunity to solve the problem of the authenticity of the golden crown. Nowadays, such tasks are no less relevant, despite the fact that there are samples, and all sorts of tags, we cannot be sure that we have gold on our finger or neck.

Of course, to solve such a problem, it is best to turn to a jeweler, but how to check the gold if there is no such possibility?

We offer you several ways to test gold at home with high probability.

Authenticity check

  1. Iodine check. It is necessary to apply a drop of iodine on the surface of the gold product and hold it for 3-5 minutes, and then gently wipe the iodine with a napkin. If the color of the metal remains unchanged, then you can rejoice, you have gold - real.
  2. Magnet check. Some deft dealers put a thin layer of gold on cheaper metal. Spend a magnet over the surface of gold, if gold does not react in any way - this is real gold without impurities (precious metals are non-magnetic).But it happens that the product is made of copper or aluminum, and they also do not magnet. In this case, just estimate the weight of the product. And all because both tin and copper are light metals, which means that the product will be much easier than the same gold.
  3. Check with vinegar. If you do not have a magnet, and you still do not know how to check the gold for authenticity, use ordinary vinegar. Just hold the vinegar gold for a while, if it gets dark - it's a fake.
  4. Check with a crayon pencil. The main task of such a pencil is to stop the blood. But besides that, it can be perfectly used for checking gold - draw a small dash on a wet product with a pencil and wipe it off after a few seconds. If there is a trace on the product, then again you have a fake.
  5. Gold verification. Each house, one hundred percent, has a gold ring or pendant, in which you have no doubt. Having such a product, use it to verify the authenticity of gold - draw a small line with it on any hard object, and then do the same with the product that causes your doubt. If both items remain the same mark - they are the same sample.

In addition to checking for authenticity, many are interested in how to test a sample of gold, because it is not always possible to believe the brand on the product. Unfortunately, the test of gold SAMPLES is a long and reverent thing, and at home it is practically impossible. And yet, we will describe to you the ways that jewelers use.

Gold sample check

  • The first method is the use of needles. To begin with, jewelers take needles made from different samples of gold. Then a micro scratch is applied to the product, and then nitric acid is poured into this scratch, and on the basis of what color will remain in this scratch (comparing it with needles), it is already concluded that the metal sample.
  • The second method is using a test stone. Such a stone should be with a matte polished surface. Next, the product is gently carried over the stone, and then the left mark is compared with the tone of the standard strokes of the well-known sample.

I hope we helped you and suggested how to test gold for authenticity at home. Good shopping and genuine products!