How to check DirectX?

September 18, 2014
How to check DirectX?

Most games and programs on the computer require the installed media package DirectX, without which these games and programs will not work correctly. To understand why this package is needed and what it is, you can read our article What is directx.

Often the games also require the latest version of the package, otherwise they simply will not start. However, not every user and gamer knows how to check the version of DirectX.

Let us examine in more detail how to check the version of DirectX and run the diagnostic service.

How to check the version of DirectX yourself

There is a very simple way to check the version of the multimedia package that works on any version of Windows:

  1. Click Start - Run ...
  2. In the new window, enter "dxdiag" and click OK.
  3. On the System tab, find the DirectX Version item, where the current version will be listed.

If the version is outdated, then you need to install a newer one by downloading from.

You can read more about installation in our article How to upgrade DirectX.

You can also read in more detail about checking the version of the package from our article How to find out which DirectX.

How to run DirectX Diagnostic Tools

DirectX Diagnostic Tools check for problems with all components of the multimedia package. Diagnostic tools can detect:

  • Incorrect version of DirectX. This means that DirectX needs to be updated or reinstalled.
  • Lack of hardware acceleration. Many programs will work without acceleration much slower or will not work at all.
  • Incorrectly installed devices. This means that a joystick or other accessory or device does not work with the OS system due to incorrect drivers.
  • Unsigned drivers. Some drivers may be incompatible with the latest version of DirectX, which will worsen their work in the Windows OS.

To run the diagnostic tool, you must:

  1. Click Start - Run.
  2. Enter the word "dxdiag" and click OK.
  3. The same window opens as in the instructions in the previous section. Diagnostics will start to detect problems. After the diagnosis is over, all necessary information about the system can be viewed in the tabs of the window.

Also in these windows you can change some data like an increase in hardware acceleration. However, this method works only in Windows XP.In their newer versions in the tabs, no parameters can be changed. A DirectX update occurs only through downloading and installing a new version.