How to deceive a person?

Parents from childhood instilled in us the idea that cheating is not good. However, with age, we increasingly begin to deceive anyone. Sometimes these are minor misunderstandings, and in some cases a serious lie. Cheating on parents, loved ones, friends. Why do people cheat? This is unpleasant for them and for those who have been deceived. Often there are situations when it is necessary to deceive, and we are confronted with the question "How to deceive a person?". You need to be able to cheat, because this is the basis of psychology. So that you do not think about how you can deceive a person, the secrets of "good deceptions" from liars and liars are written below.

Secrets of deception

Before you start thinking about how to deceive a person, you must deceive yourself. And to do it in such a way that you yourself could believe in the sincerity of your words. It is necessary to think through every detail and believe in their lies. After all, if you deceive yourself, then with other people it will be easier in this regard. Everything will turn out quite naturally, as if you are telling the true truth.

There are a lot of psychological moments hidden in the fraud. It is necessary to speak as if you are not lying, to watch your body, gestures, facial expressions. Bad deception is pretty easy to figure out. You need to teach yourself to look directly at the interlocutor. If your eyes “run”, then the interlocutor cannot be deceived, because “shifty” eyes are a clear sign of false words. It is best to look at the "leading" eye - for the left-handed person - this is the left one, and for the right-handed person - the right one.

It is not necessary to pull at your hair, details on clothes, snapping your fingers or constantly twirl something. During deception, these actions occur involuntarily, therefore, considering the question “How can you deceive a person”, these moments should be taken into account.

You must learn to deceive and not be embarrassed at the same time. But only one piece of advice will help - practice. The more often you cheat, the easier it will be to do it. You can start with small things - write on your Twitter what is not happening to you in reality, tell your friends false stories that seem to have happened to you while you went to meet them. Suppose you transferred an old woman across the road or filed a beggar a trifle.Practice regularly, and then you will not have problems with deception.

No one should know

No one needs to talk about your deception. The more people know about him, the worse it is for you, because they may no longer be able to be deceived because of the loss of confidence in you. In addition, you can give. Therefore, only one person should know the truth - you yourself.

Use traps. A professional liar always uses a little safety net in his lies. In this case, if they start to incriminate you, you can immediately confess to petty lies, for which you will be scolded a little, but nobody will notice a big lie.

Cheating loved ones

Remember that for close people, your deception can cause a lot of pain. After all, we often cannot understand “Why do people cheat?”, Especially close people.

We often get upset because a loved one has cheated. Do not deceive loved ones, if they love you, they will always understand and forgive. Do not make them suffer and look in the books on psychology for questions about why a loved one cheated.