How to charm a guy on a photo?

Love is the brightest and most beautiful feeling. But if love is unrequited, it can bring a lot of heartache and frustration. Out of desperation, many girls decide on extreme measures and seek the object of their sighs. Before you bewitch a guy on a photo or in another way, you should carefully weigh your decision. After all, forcible intervention in the spiritual world of another person can negatively affect both him and you.

How to choose a photo

Having a photo of a guy, you can not contact the specialists, but bewitch him yourself. To a large extent, the success of the event depends on the correct choice of photos. It must meet the following requirements:

  • The picture was taken no later than a year ago. The "fresher" the photo, the better;
  • the object of the love spell must be depicted in the photograph alone, the presence of unauthorized people in the picture is unacceptable. It is also impossible to cut off unnecessary images;
  • photo quality should be perfect;
  • the guy's eye should be focused on the camera lens.

How to charm a guy by photo

There are many rituals that allow you to charm a guy in a photo. If you are convinced of your feelings and are ready to permanently unite your destinies, use one of the ways of love spell. All magical rituals are usually performed in the evening or at night. Make sure no one can unexpectedly interrupt him with a visit or phone call. Candles for rituals must be bought in the church.

Before the ceremony, one must abstract oneself from all extraneous thoughts with the help of meditation or other techniques. Focus on your chosen one. Remember meetings, conversations, pleasant moments of communication with him. If you are not familiar, mentally imagine how happy you are together.

Love spell on photo №1

  1. Light two candles and pick up the photos of the coveted guy.
  2. Looking at the image directly in the eye, repeat the spell 7 times: “As I pall for the servant of God (name) for my beloved servant of God (name), let him also yearn and miss me alone. So be it forever and ever. Amen!".
  3. Light a shot using a candle flame.
  4. Take the ashes out of the house and throw them away.

Love spell on the photo number 2

  1. Light a candle.
  2. Take a picture of the image to the flame of a candle.
  3. Perform circular movements over the fire, reading the following words: “As I, the servant of God (name), yearn for a heart friend, so he may yearn for me. Let every day it spreads the honey of one thought about the servant of God (name). May it be so. Amen".
  4. The burnt photo develop in the wind.

Love spell on photo №3

  1. Light a pair of candles.
  2. Place the photo on the table and lower your palms over it.
  3. Mentally imagine your chosen one as a beam of energy that smoothly moves from the head to the neck, shoulders, arms in the palm of your hand.
  4. When you feel warm in your palms, start reading the plot: “As the servant of God (name) dries to God's servant (name), so you remain God's servant (name), long for God’s slave (name). May the heart of God's servant (name) always be love and passion for me, as rivers are full of water. As a stone my word is strong, as the wind my word is strong. Amen".
  5. Wax candles drip on the reverse side of the photo.
  6. Put out the candles with your hand.
  7. Pack the photo in an envelope and put it in your personal belongings, preferably underwear.