How to charge a laser printer

You will need
  • - screwdriver;
  • - a set for refilling.
For laser refillingthe printer�in independent conditions, prepare your workplace in such a way that it would be convenient for you to disassemble the cartridge into small parts without losing them. Also purchase a refill kit that is appropriate for your model, they are usually sold in stores that serve copy machines. Such kits include a replaceable chip or programmer and powder inks.
Remove the cartridge fromthe printer, then carefully inspect its side walls - they should have fixing bolts that you need to remove to access the container. After that, carefully remove the springs so as not to lose them. In particular, be careful with the internal parts of the cartridge, it is best to fold them separately to one side on a flat surface, do not allow scratches or other damage to them.
Remove the container.Open it and clean out of toner without fail. It is best to rinse it with water and dry with a hair dryer. Also use a lint-free cloth to clean the remaining cartridge elements from ink trapped on them. Pour toner into the cartridge, but best of all, not to the end, especially if it is starting. Assemble the cartridge in reverse order, if necessary, change the chip to a new one.
If you need to reprogram the old chip, use a special programmer connected to the computer. Download the software for flashing your cartridge model, perform the necessary operations according to the attached instructions and reinstall the chip.
Secure all cartridge parts. Shake it lightly from side to side to evenly distribute the toner across the width of the container. Install it in the printer and perform a test print.