How to change the water in the aquarium?

Dmitry Chepcheruk
Dmitry Chepcheruk
July 25, 2012
How to change the water in the aquarium?

In order for the owner of the aquarium to enjoy the view of flora and fauna as long as possible and experience the soothing effect of the fish, it is necessary to properly clean the aquarium. If you are thinking about how to change the water in the aquarium, you will have to acquire certain knowledge and skills.


To change the water in the aquarium need to prepare in advance. You will need a deep tank filled with separated water. If you use tap water, you need to allow it to stand for at least three days. This is necessary so that chlorine and other harmful substances completely evaporate. Otherwise, your pets and vegetation may die.


First you need to take out all the plants one by one from the aquarium, before immersing them in a container with distilled water, rinse them under running water. If the plants have rotted or wilted parts, it is better to get rid of them. To the plants must be placed and aquarium snails.


They must be placed in a separate small container with separated water. Most likely, they will be frightened, and this will not be so easy. With the help of the jucie alternately catch all the fish.


Now only inanimate objects remain in the water. Remove stones, jewelry and all sorts of figures from the water. They will need to be thoroughly rinsed in hot water using a brush with stiff bristles. In no case should these items be washed with detergents. No matter how well you wash them, the chemicals will still remain on the surface.

Drain water

If your aquarium is relatively small in displacement, then it will not be difficult to drain the water. From large aquariums water is drained with a hose. One end is immersed in water, and the other is placed in a bucket that needs to be put on the floor. The water should run itself, but if this did not happen, then draw in some air from the end immersed in the bucket. So empty the aquarium completely.

Clean the aquarium

It is necessary to clean the aquarium under hot water with a stiff brush. First, the walls are cleaned, then go to the bottom. Do not forget about the ban imposed on detergents.We'll have to do with water and a brush.

We return the fish home

After your aquarium has become completely clean, return all the stones and accessories to the place, then fix all the aquatic plants. It is necessary to work quickly, so that the vegetation does not have time to pull. Now it is necessary to fill the aquarium with separated water, it is necessary to inject it with a thin stream, gradually so that the design you have made is not disturbed. Then put the snails in the water, and only the last fish.

Water change frequency

Newbies guess when they buy an aquarium how often to change the water. Professionals recommend changing the water in the aquarium partially. Every two weeks you need to change 10-20% of the content. Fully the water in the aquarium changes only in exceptional cases, for example, if there has been a defeat by microorganisms.