How to change the place of residence?

Larisa Isaeva
Larisa Isaeva
February 19, 2013
How to change the place of residence?

Relocation, change of apartment associated with the need to register with a new place of residence, i.e. need to register. Naturally, the question arises as to how to change the place of registration and in what order is it done? Consider all the options, and start more logical with the statement.


Any long-term relocation should be noted in government agencies, for which there is a mandatory registration. Registration is preceded by an extract and is carried out in two forms:

  1. If you do not know where to change a residence permit, I will answer - in the passport office at the place of residence. You go to the passport office with a house book and a passport to write an application for a request to deregister at this address. For a maximum of a week, they are discharged, they give up a sheet of departure, which must be provided at the place of new registration. It is important to note that from the date of discharge you have a week for registration, if you have not been registered during this week,each subsequent day will be charged a fine and can go into a pretty tidy sum.
  2. Appeal to the passport office or village council at the address of the new registration. Taking you to the registration at a new address, the state body within three days gives a request to the address of the old registration so that you will be discharged automatically.


During discharge and registration in another city, you may need any additional documents for men and entrepreneurs (see below). Children under the age of majority are discharged with the consent of both or one of the parents, depending on the completeness of the family. During registration you will need:

  • passport;
  • statement;
  • receipt of payment for registration;
  • if a child, then - a birth certificate and permission from the 2nd parent;
  • certificate from the place of residence of the 2nd parent, if the child is registered at the address of one of the parents;
  • if the apartment is not yours, then a written notarized authorization of the owner for your registration or personal presence;
  • documents of ownership (warrant, employment agreement);
  • if you have already been discharged from the last place of residence - a sheet of departure.

How to change the registration of liable for duty, businessmen, car owners? For men, for entrepreneurs and vehicle owners (if they are going to sell soon) you need to contact the appropriate authority with information about the change of residence (to the military registration and enlistment office within 2 weeks after registration, to the tax office - within 3 days for a vehicle you can leave it as it is, if you are not going to sell).

Temporary and permanent registration

Registration may be temporary or permanent. Temporary registration does not require an extract from the previous place of residence and is established for a certain period, upon expiration of which, it is necessary to register on the new one.

Temporary registration is suitable for those who move to another city, region, country for a while.