How to change the clutch cable

You will need
  • A new clutch cable designed to fit exactly on your car model, screwdrivers, keys.
Now disconnect the clutch cable from the gearbox or from the clutch unit and pull it into the cabin closer to the pedal.
Carefully disconnect the cable from the clutch pedal.
Take the new cable (it must be in the car just in case, as well as the spare wheel) and connect it to the pedal. Then pull it back to the gearbox or clutch unit. Connect the cable on the gearbox or on the clutch. After that, close the hole in the floor.
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Never try to change the design of the installed clutch cable. Do not shorten it, do not bend or bend in different directions. In the end, this will almost 100% lead to failure of the clutch unit or gearbox or to inadequate transmission behavior on the road.
Helpful advice
Clutch cables exist today of two types: self-regulating and normal. If you decide that it will be more convenient for you to install a self-regulating cable, then we advise you to purchase an original cable, and not an analog from other companies. This will significantly prolong its service life and will not lead to seizing. It is the jamming of the cable that can lead to the disabling of the clutch unit and, naturally, to the cost of its repair or replacement.