How to change music?

In life, there are occasionally situations when it is necessary to somehow make changes in musical compositions. Sometimes the music needs to be cut, accelerated or slowed down, made quieter or louder, put several tracks together or put them on top of each other. In any case, you can solve your problem using audio editing software.


GoldWave is one of the popular paid software for modifying audio recordings. If you often edit sound recordings, you should think about buying a licensed version, but if not, pay attention to the free software. How to change music using this program? The algorithm is quite simple and easy to remember, since the work with the program is intuitive.

To begin, open in the program the song you want to change by selecting it in a folder on your computer. If it is recorded on a disc, it must be inserted into the drive, then press "Tools - CD-grabber" and select the desired song. If you did everything correctly, after opening the file in the program window, frequency sound tracks will appear.

You can select the desired parts of the recording with the mouse and listen to them or change them. If you want to remove part of the track, you need to select the piece that you do not need. The fragment to be removed should be highlighted in light, and the rest of the composition in a dark color. After that click on the icon with the image of scissors and the selected fragment will be removed. To edit a selected fragment, for example, to make the sound louder or quieter, change the tempo of the music, add certain effects: fading, buildup and much more, you need to go to the "Effects" menu item and select the one you want.


Audacity is a free program that allows you to make changes to audio recordings of various formats. It is not inferior in functionality paid programs, but it is quite easy to work and quickly copes with the tasks.

How to change the music in this program? Before you start editing a track, you need to open it in the program window by selecting it from a folder on your computer. After that you will see the track's frequency track in the window. The principle of the program is very similar to GoldWave: using the mouse you need to select the fragment that you want to edit, copy or delete, and then select the desired icon on the toolbar.Add the desired effects, you can use the menu item "Effects" and select the one that suits you best.

How to change music online?

There are cases when the music needs to be cut or changed quickly and there is no possibility to download the program for this, or you just do not want to In this case, you should pay attention to online services that allow you to make changes to music files. One of these services is. Unfortunately, its functionality is limited to trimming audio files; you cannot change them in any other way. However, it is very convenient if you need to quickly trim a certain composition.

The service is similar in functionality. Here you can also trim the desired composition. The site supports downloading audio files from Vkontakte and YouTube. You can get more features by using the FileLab Audio Editor service. Its functionality is slightly wider: in addition to trimming audio files, you can change them and apply various effects.

Change music in games

Very often, users are puzzled by the question of replacing standard music in games with their favorite songs.Regardless of the quality of the voice acting of the game, sooner or later it gets boring and boring, spoiling the whole game process.

The process of replacing standard tunes is very simple, if in the game folder they are in MP3 format. In this case, you just need to add your own tracks to this folder, or change their names to the same ones as the original music files of the game. Before such manipulations, you should be careful, as some games check whether the standard files with sounds have not been replaced by others and in this case the game may not start.

If the sound files of the game are encrypted in their own format, you shouldn’t change them yourself, if you don’t know what you are doing. In this case, you need to either change the format of the tracks that you want to add to the game, or use a specially developed software to replace the sounds in a particular game. Such programs are not for all games, therefore, in some cases, you will not be able to add your music in any way.