How to change light bulbs?

The light source in our life plays a very important role, and modern man feels a terrible discomfort with his absence. The problem of failure of the lighting bulb is the simplest and most common electrical problem. To quickly restore the lack of light, you need to know how to change light bulbs.


The installation sites and the light bulbs themselves, at present, are so diverse in design, power consumption and the required voltage, material, and principle of operation. All these characteristics must be known when replacing the lamp.

Light bulbs should be changed during the day with a sufficient source of natural light. To replace the need pliers with insulated handles, a screwdriver, a flashlight (for working in dark rooms - storage room, bathroom, basement), a replaceable light bulb, rubber gloves.

Before changing the bulb it is necessary to disconnect the power supply (disconnect the circuit breaker in the electrical panel or unscrew the plugs). Replacing the light bulb provides for the removal of some parts of the design of the lamp (ceiling lamps, protective frames).

Incandescent lamp

The blown bulb is twisted counterclockwise with one hand, the cartridge is fixed with the other hand. How to change light bulbs, if in many cases the bulb of an incandescent lamp can be damaged (crack, “explode”) and detach from the cartridge. In this case, holding the cartridge with your hands, remove the remnants of the flask with rags. Eyes must be protected by glasses. The base of the old bulb unscrew the pliers. This will protect your fingers from damage and will give force to the base, if it is screwed tight or “stuck”. The replaceable bulb is screwed in clockwise until it stops. Strong zealousness is not necessary, since it is possible to damage the flask.

Energy-saving lamps

The design of an energy-saving lamp has a standard Edison base, and instead of an incandescent bulb it has a compact fluorescent tube. Replacing it is a bit easier than incandescent bulbs, since in the area of ​​the base it has a throttle positioning unit, which helps to change the blown bulb with the convenience of grip.

Replacing bulbs in built-in lights

More knowledge of how to change light bulbs is required when replacing them in built-in (spot) lamps. Here we must take into account the type of cap.It can be of different diameter. Also popular pin with a different number of pins. The lamp can be both LED, halogen, and luminescent. The required electrical power for them is also different, 12V or 220V. It is necessary to pick up an identical light bulb either according to the packaging from the burnt down (where the marking is indicated) or according to a sample.

Built-in lights are mounted in the ceiling with double-spring struts. The lamp should be taken by the edges and slowly pull down. Sometimes you can not pull it out completely, a certain length is enough to unscrew the lamp with a screw base. If the luminaire is removed completely, then by inserting a new light bulb, it is necessary to compress the springs to the base and insert into the mounting hole, slowly insert the luminaire into the ceiling.

The pin bulb is fixed in the luminaire with a retaining ring. It needs to be squeezed with fingers and pulled out. The light bulb will hang on the wiring. Disconnect the lamp from the terminal. New connect and sink into the ceiling, fix the retaining ring.