How to celebrate the Year of the Fire Rooster - 2017: tips astrologer

We are getting ready to meet the Fire Rooster! Astrologer Vera Khubelashvili told Woman's Day how to decorate the house, what dishes to serve and what outfit to choose so that the new year 2017 brings happiness and joy.
Vera Khubelashvili, astrologer:
Vera Khubelashvili

- The Year of the Fiery Rooster imposes special requirements on all signs of the zodiac. But do not be afraid of the brisk bird, believing that all 12 months will be too difficult. Of course, we all have to try pretty hard, because the Rooster appreciates hard work, but all his requests remain within reason and only urge everyone to take more serious responsibility. Surov Rooster only to those people who act dishonestly, have selfish motives and behave unfairly. Throughout the year, major changes should be expected, as a brisk bird always seeks to bring something into this world. 2017 will turn out to be particularly rich in marriages, and these unions made under the wing of the Rooster will be predominantly happy and durable.At the same time, a large number of divorces should not be expected: The rooster is a homely bird and will not allow itself to shake family values ​​once again. Nevertheless, this does not mean at all that he will be lenient towards the couples being formed - the symbol of 2017 is strict with them and will require the partners to carefully look at each other before they can form stable relationships. And by the way, the first and second decades of the coming year will favor these undertakings!

And in order to appease the Rooster, you need to meet him well on December 31. The expression “As you meet a year, so you will spend it” is not for nothing that one generation has passed from mouth to mouth. It really works!

Where and with whom to celebrate New Year 2017 - the year of the fire Rooster

The rooster is a fowl, loves warmth and comfort. So it is best to meet the New Year at home, in the family circle. The table should be generous, but not luxurious. The rooster is a hospitable bird; prepare a small gift for each guest. After the holiday feast, go for a walk in the fresh air.

How to decorate the house for the New Year

To find a common language with the totem of the year, arrange the house so that he likes it.It's very simple, as long as the rooster feels like a dear and welcome guest.

1. The rooster is a village bird, thereforeadd rustic merchandise, make a decorative nest, and do not forget about the grains for the main patron.

2. The rooster is a domestic bird, loving comfort and warmth. So thatdecorate rooms with blankets, pillows, tablecloths and napkins, all that, in your opinion, makes your home not only more beautiful, but also warmer, more comfortable.

3.Use the cock figures(the more there will be, the better). However, in no case can not use feathers and eggs for decoration, it can take away good luck from you for a whole year!

how to celebrate the new year 2017
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How to decorate the table for the New Year

1.Choose a red tableclothor any other fiery hue.

2. Ifhave wooden utensils, be sure to use it.

3.Stick to the rustic color when decorating and setting the table, the rooster is very happy.

What dishes should be on the table in the Year of the Fire Rooster

1. Refuse extravagant dishes,let the table be generous, but without excesses.All unusual and expensive you can submit January 1.

2.Prefer vegetarian dishes. If you absolutely can not do without meat, then the birds on the table should not be in any case, that you strongly offend the rooster. Yes, and whether to eat up at night junk food?

3.Roosters love sweet and baking, do not stint and bribe the cock.

And the most important thing (what we talked about earlier) is that there should be a figure of a rooster or his image on the table, they will bring you happiness and well-being.

how to celebrate the year of the Fire Rooster 2017
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How to decorate a Christmas tree

1. The Christmas tree should be brightwith a lot of tinsel.

2.Balls and toys should be red and gold.Or, at least, these shades should be dominant.

3. In addition to balls that resemble eggs,Christmas tree can be decorated with sweets and tangerines.

4. Requiredplease rooster plate with a grain under the tree!

Year of the Fire Rooster, how to meet
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How to celebrate New Year

Almost all signs of the zodiac this year, you can dress brightly and even brightly. Meet the Fire Rooster in a dress with sequins and sparkles of red-orange hues. Do not forget about accessories! By the way, men also should not neglect this rule. And if your companion does not want to dress in a red suit, you can limit yourself to one red tie or bow tie.

What makeup to choose for the New Year

Like a dress, make-up is better to choose bright and extravagant.