How to celebrate New Year 2017?

2017 will not come soon, but time flies so fast that it is better to prepare for all important events in advance. And what is the best way to celebrate this holiday?

Patron of the year

To get started is to find out who will be the patron of 2017. His symbol is the Rooster, and the fiery one. It is a temperamental bird and rather hot-tempered, but at the same time it is easily appeased and does not start up empty disputes and fights (although the concept of “broiling” sometimes implies cockiness, but this is not entirely correct).

In addition, the rooster can be called a real family man, because he defends the honor of his charges with dignity and strives for order and comfort in his possessions, which is the chicken coop. And this bird is very proud that you can understand even by its behavior and gait.

What to expect in 2017?

The Year of the Fiery Rooster promises to be very rich and bright. Some astrologers believe that the planet is waiting for real coups. The strongest countries will fight for world domination and compete.But I want to hope that such rivalry will not lead to trouble, because the cock is quite intelligent, although by nature it is the conqueror.

If you look at the quality of the patron of the year and its element on the other hand, then we can conclude that the year will be quite favorable. So, it can bring a lot of discoveries, new emotions and victories, so do not be afraid to master previously unknown spheres and decide on the beginnings, the Rooster will help, especially the bravest.

It is also worth remembering that the fire cleans, so you can get rid of all the bad, unnecessary and burdensome you, 2017 will do for this as well as possible. But still with the difficulties encountered, most likely, have to.

And if you show your best qualities and will gather the will into a fist, then you will easily overcome all obstacles, gain invaluable experience or even something more and believe in yourself. But, probably, you often have to defend your rights.

In personal and family life, everything should also be in the best way. If you have the second half, then you are waiting for sincere feelings and vivid emotions.

If you are alone, you will certainly meet someone and start a relationship with him, which, by the way, will almost certainly be serious.And those who have a family should protect their relatives, support them in every way, and also make life as comfortable as possible for everyone.

How and where to celebrate the holiday?

How to celebrate New Year 2017? There are no specific recommendations and attitudes, the most important thing is that the celebration should be fun, the Rooster will definitely approve. And since the holiday is considered a family one, it is best to celebrate it in the circle of relatives, friends and relatives. In any case, it is worth being this night only with those who are dear to you and pleasant.

As for the place, the patron of the year is a domestic bird, so it is best to celebrate the New Year at home or visiting relatives, and not in cafes and other establishments. Such a decision, by the way, will allow for a good saving, and this is good, since the Rooster does not tolerate extravagance.

All guests can cook one or several dishes, then the table will be abundant and very diverse. And drinks can be bought together.

Useful advice: remember the quick-tempered nature of the patron of the year and in no case take part in conflict situations and do not get involved in empty disputes, this is likely to lead to a fight or other troubles.

Choosing a dress

What is the New Year 2017? Since the Rooster has a beautiful color plumage, the outfit should be bright and attractive. It can be a dress or a costume consisting of a skirt and a top or a blouse. But from the trousers and even more jeans should be abandoned, leave them for everyday wear.

Responsibly refer to the choice of style. First of all, consider the peculiarities of your figure, since the Rooster does not tolerate bad taste. Try to hide flaws and emphasize dignity. But simple styles will be irrelevant and inappropriate, because the patron of the year is a beautiful and proud bird (which is worth one of its magnificent tail).

So choose outfits of a complex cut, for example, with a multi-layered puffy skirt or asymmetric hem. Welcome and bright decor.

As for the color of the dress, it is worth remembering that the patron of the year belongs to the fiery elements, therefore such shades as orange, red, yellow or golden will be relevant. You should not choose dark and dark colors, the Rooster will not approve them.

Prints are appropriate, but not all. For example, they will fit in the New Year's image of curls or flowers. But from the complex abstract, geometric or ethnic patterns should be abandoned.Strictly contraindicated and animalistic drawings, because roosters almost the spirit can not tolerate all animals, especially belonging to the cat family.


Accessories should be no less bright than a dress, but do not overdo them with their number, otherwise you will look tasteless and ridiculous. So, if you choose a gorgeous dress in sparkling rhinestones, then leave your neck loose. Complement the image with earrings-cloves and a thin bracelet (if there are sleeves, it is not needed).

But if you choose a simple dress, you can safely pick up to it a set consisting of a bracelet, a necklace and earrings.

But what should be jewelry? Certainly gold or at least imitating this precious metal. Stones are welcome, and bright and always warm shades, for example, red, maroon, yellow and so on.

Accessories can be complex and multi-layered, but still not too heavy and catchy, pretentiousness and bad taste Rooster will not tolerate.

Makeup and hairstyle

Make-up should be bright, and the so-called graphic make-up, which assumes the absence of feathering and the severity and clarity of all lines, will be especially popular.It can be either color (but you should not combine more than two or three shades), or monochrome (especially if the outfit is bright).

In addition, you can use this technique: make the skin as natural as possible or even a little pale and select her lips and eyes on her background, then on New Year's Eve you will definitely be the brightest!

And especially fashionable will be shadows with the effect of "metallic" and shimmering sequins, as well as slightly moist lips (so that lipstick should be replaced by shine). And take care to hide defects and even out the tone of the face.

The hairdress should, as it were, counterbalance the bright make-up and emphasize your naturalness and femininity, so it's not worth it to make it complex and multilevel. Romantic and light you will make curls. And so that the hair does not interfere with fun, you can collect them in the tail. Also, all kinds of weaving that perfectly highlight femininity are also suitable.

Festive table

Carefully consider the preparation of a festive menu. What exactly should not be present on the New Year's table, so it is any dishes from chicken and poultry, in general. It is better to replace them with meat, for example, from pork or beef.

The rooster loves vegetables, greens and fruits, and the latter can be safely added not only to desserts, but also to salads or hot dishes, this will give them a piquancy. But potatoes should be replaced with cereals (chickens and roosters really like grains). There should be flour on the table, for example, tasty bread or sandwiches, buns, pies, tartlets with snacks.

It is advisable to give preference to simple dishes, but combinations of incompatible ingredients will make them more unusual, so make active use of this technique. And all the components must be light and bright, the patron of the year will definitely appreciate it.

We should also write about drinks. It is better to forget about strong ones, preferring light and invigorating them, such as liqueurs, liqueurs, wines, and cocktails (especially with the addition of bright juices of citrus fruits).

And finally, the serving, it is also important. It is desirable to decorate the table in bright colors, such as red, burgundy or orange. But it is better to choose white dishes, on its background interesting dishes will look especially beneficial.

And by all means use kitchen utensils and other items from natural materials.These can be wicker baskets, cotton or linen napkins, wooden napkin holders, clay candle holders, and so on.

Start preparing for the New Year in advance to make this holiday a success!

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