How to catch pike on live bait?

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How to catch pike on live bait?

Living bait is not the most humane way to catch a pike. However, according to the latest research by Professor D. Rose, fish cannot “suffer” (due to the peculiarities of the brain and nervous system) and it simply does not have pain receptors. So fans of fishing for live bait now have nothing to worry about, and every fisherman, probably, wants to catch a large predatory fish in this way. For information on what is caught pike, read the material for What is caught pike.

When to catch a pike

Predatory fish tend to eat their own kind. This method of fishing is based on this. Experienced fishermen know how to catch pike on live bait. This is best done before a cold snap, in the fall, when small fish are already hiding to the depth, and it is becoming more and more difficult for pike to get them. About when to catch a pike, see the article When to catch a pike.

Where to get live bait

It would be best to go on such a fishing trip with a small fish stock, as it is quite difficult to catch it on the spot. Fry of crucian carp, perch, minnow, roach and other fish are suitable.They are caught in advance with the help of a special spider gear, feeding the place.

Bait storage

Avid fishermen keep fry in a special device - Kana. It is necessary to observe the temperature regime, regular saturation of water with oxygen in order for the fry to stay alive as long as possible. The tank itself must also be of sufficient size. However, to save it is not always possible. Then the fry wrapped in cellophane and stored in a portable freezer bag.

How to stick

In order for pike fishing on live bait to be successful, it is necessary to properly attach the bait to the hook. This can be done in several ways: for the back, for the mouth, for the gills. Try that the live bait could not with its weight release a hook or twin, and also - so that it remains alive for the maximum amount of time. For more information about catching pike, see the article How to catch a pike.

What tackle to catch

To catch a pike with live bait, you can use a telescopic fishing rod (3.5 - 4 meters). And the main factor - the strength of the rod. If you intend to catch from a boat, you can use spinning with a spinless reel.