How to call to Kiev?

Irina Kosheleva
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How to call to Kiev?

Kiev is not only the capital of Ukraine, but also a large business center. To maintain a personal or business connection, you need to know how to call to Kiev. What do you need to do and what numbers to dial?

Home phones

To make a call to Kiev from your home phone, you should follow the following scheme:

  • Push the eight to enter the intercity line.
  • Now we wait for the dial tone.
  • Next, go to the international line using the code 10 or 00.
  • We dial 38 - this is the code of Ukraine.
  • Enter 044 - this is the code of Kiev.
  • Next, dial the phone number and wait for an answer.

Cell Phones

To reach Kiev from a cell phone, you need to dial the following combination of numbers and symbols:

  • + - prefix for international calls.
  • 38 - the code of Ukraine for international communication.
  • 044 - the code of Kiev. If you are calling to the mobile number of Ukraine, then you need to enter the code of the mobile operator.
  • Seven-digit phone number.

In the event that you need to call the cities of the Kiev region, instead of the code 044 you will need to enter the code of the desired city.