How to call the spirit?

Spirits are supernatural beings who have the will, the ability to interact with the material world and various paranormal abilities. Many people are interested in: how to call the spirit of love? How to cause the spirit of desire? Answer this question below.

Perfume can be invisible or take any form. Typically, the presence of the spirit is expressed by the presence of a cold breath, mysterious sounds and smells, as well as the movement of objects. The word "spirit" can mean two concepts: the spirit of a person, that is, the soul of a deceased person who has returned to the material world; and spirit is the supernatural power of nature. For example, there are spirits of the elements - water (mermaid, water, undine), fire (phoenix, salamander), air and earth. Also, spirits inhabit the forest in the form of elves and fairies. Spirits inhabit certain places, especially sacred ones. Spirits can appear by themselves or after their call. How can a spirit be summoned? For this, they usually resort to the help of a medium - a person who has clairvoyance and other paranormal abilities. The medium knows how to cause good spirits and evil.The medium is a kind of conductor between the otherworldly and the material world, it temporarily leases its body to the spirit and transmits its messages from the other world. Therefore, the medium is most vulnerable when conducting a seance. But even people who are not mediums, with proper training can cope with this task. You can call any spirits. You can learn how to call the spirit of the dead and the spirit of desires, the spirit of evil or the spirit of man, the elemental spirits. People often ask how to call the spirit of Pushkin? How to cause the spirit of a person who is still alive?

Why cause spirits? Someone wants to know the future or get information about the afterlife; others want information from the deceased — under what circumstances he died or where he hid his savings. There are those who call spirits out of idle curiosity. Such pranks can end in misfortune - after all, calling spirits is a very dangerous task, even for experienced practicing magicians.

How to call the spirit? Rules for conducting a seance session

A seance is a process of evoking the spirit and communicating with it. Traditionally, spirits are called at night. How to call the spirit of the day? Just like at night.Before proceeding to a seance, you need to remember about safety.

  • Protect yourself from evil spirits. According to the teachings of the great magician and clergyman Aleister Crowley, the best protection against insidious ghosts is spiritual purity. People who have vices (lust, fear, envy, greed, ambition, gluttony, drug addiction, drunkenness, etc.) become easy prey for evil spirits. Lead a quiet life, do not wish and do not do evil, free your soul from the evil desires of glory and power, do not impose your will on anyone, achieve spiritual harmony. If you do not have these qualities, it remains only to hope for amulets and protective spells, but these methods are very weak and will not save you from strong spirits.
  • A seance is best done not by one, but by a group of at least four people. It would be great if one of the callers possessed mediumistic abilities. He will communicate with the spirit. Participants must focus and repeat many times: "The spirit is such and such!" The first questions that should be asked are: "Is spirit here?", "Does he have any requests?", "Is he the one who claims to be?", "Is he ready to answer questions?"
  • Various devices can be used to talk to the spirits.In the European tradition, a round card table was often used to conduct a seance. The participants of the session sat down at the table, put their palms on it and concentrated on the calling of the otherworldly essence. When the spirit appeared, the table started spinning, swinging, and walking. Mediums could agree with the spirit about a special code: for example, if the answer is YES - knock twice, if NO - then one.
  • Another tool for communicating with spirits is a spiritual saucer. It is also necessary to have a magic circle on which letters and numbers are applied. Participants in the session put their hands on a pre-heated saucer, on which the arrow is drawn. The saucer is located on the spiritistic circle. During a conversation with the spirit, the saucer can rotate, pointing to the letters, or even rise into the air.
  • Spirit pendulum. The procedure is similar to the previous one, but a pendulum is used instead of a saucer. For the suspension of the pendulum can hold all the participants, or a leading medium. In this case, everyone else should hold hands.
  • Spiritistic Roulette. Later, a magic tape measure was devised for seances.It is a circle with printed letters of the alphabet and the answers are YES and NO. In the middle is attached a light arrow that can rotate freely. When the spirit comes in contact, the arrow is not just randomly spinning, but points to specific words.
  • Planchette. This special device for spiritualism was invented in 1853. It is a thin wooden plate in the form of a heart on 3 legs. The caster wheels are attached to the two legs, and the slate pencil to the third. When the medium made contact with the spirit, his hand involuntarily removed letters, symbols and drawings from the other world with the help of a tablet. Modern mediums prefer mental rather than physical connection with spirits.
  • At the end of the session, you need to thank the spirit and politely ask him to leave.

Now you know how to call a spirit: a wish fulfilling, a spirit of the dead or any other. Remember that magic is dangerous occupation, so before you call the spirit, think carefully.