How to call mom?

Igor Frolov
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How to call mom?

Mom is the main person in the life of every person. If it were not for her, there would be no us. It is mother who gives us a start in life, brings up and in every possible way protects us in the first years of life. In most cases, mother is the first word that a person utters after birth. Over time, a person has many options, how to call a mother. Much depends on how your relationship develops throughout life.

How to gently call mom?

If you have a tender and trusting relationship with your mother since childhood, you can only envy. Far from all families maintain a warm relationship between parents and children. Formal "mother" or "mother" is not able to convey the depth of feelings that a child feels for his mother. Here words such as mommy, mammy, mousy, musya, mamulek, mammy, mamusik, etc. will be more appropriate. Although such appeals may look somewhat sugary and naive, believe me - there is nothing more pleasant for your mother than your display of tender feelings for her.

In some cases, the appeal to the mother can be more playful and with a hint of humor. For example, in some families mothers are addressed in the manner of old Russian traditions - mother or mother. However, if earlier such appeals were used to express respect, now they are rather humorous appeals.

How to call a stepmother?

The question of how a child should approach a stepmother is very acute in some families. It should be approached delicately, because For some children, the appearance in the life of a new woman instead of their own mother is a great stress. If the child at first will contact you on "you" and call by name - this is normal. Everyone needs a different time to put a new person in his life and in his heart. In any case, any form of treatment is only an external attribute of communication between people. If a child and a stepmother have normal relations, it doesn�t matter how they treat each other.

How to call the godmother?

Another important person in the lives of most of us is the godmother. Since the godmother is in no way connected with the child by blood ties, it can be quite difficult to establish how the child will later have to contact her. Someone again refers to her by name.Someone briefly calls her godmother. And others have such a strong relationship with the godparents, that the godchildren even turn to her "mother."