How to call a house?

A house is not only a place of residence and shelter protecting from the outside world, but also an indicator of the social status of its owners. The house can also be given its name to emphasize its style and status. Talk about how to choose the right name for your home.

House for commercial purposes

Naming specialists earn decent money by inventing catchy, colorful names for various commercial buildings - new shopping, business and entertainment centers, residential buildings, club houses and townhouses everywhere being built in all corners of Russia.

  • To be, as they say, "in the trend", use in the title sonorous words: "estate", "ownership", "manor". This will create the impression that the building belongs to the glorious times of the aristocracy, which means that it will declare the high status of the project.
  • Use beautiful foreign words in the names of buildings: bohemia, renaissance, extravaganza, noir, etc.
  • Let the ultramodern projects have unusual names with an emphasis on science fiction. Borrow words, for example, from the Celtic language, be inspired by Tolkien's “dictionary”.For example: “Nubius”, “Alan”, “Belus”, “Aredel”, “Tuor”. Only in this case it would be better to use the more modern term “house”. And try to choose simple words, with a maximum of three syllables, otherwise people simply will not remember it.
  • You can also call a house by the nature of its design, location or the surrounding area: "Crystal House", "House on Sosnovoy", "Seaside Manor".
  • You can choose a building name that has no relation to its architecture or address. However, in this case, it will be more difficult to think over the most understandable and memorable advertising to people, because it is always better perceived that has a solid logical basis.

How to call your own house

Unlike commercial buildings, which require unquestionably sonorous, memorable names, you can name your home as you wish. The main thing - to decide what result you want to get.

  • Do you need a name that would emphasize the respectability of the building? Then use in the name the already mentioned above words “manor”, ​​“estate”, “manor”. Or maybe you will be interested in the more modern word "house"? Do not chase fashionbut just want to call the house some spiritual name? Then why not christen a dwelling as “a hut” or a diminutive “house,” “dacha”?
  • As in the case of business projects, a good idea would be to borrow words from foreign languages, for example, from Celtic, Dutch, Thai, etc. As options: “Thaksin” (the source of happiness in the lane from Thai), “Henrik” ( in the lane with Scandinavian), "Yuki" (happiness in the lane with Japanese).
  • You can always take as a basis the names of your favorite children's fairy tales, cartoons. Then you can get a playful name like “Nafani House”, “Vasilisina Manor”, ​​“Cat Matroskin's hut”, etc. True, then it will be useful to reflect the name in the design of the house. For example, decorate the gate with the image of a famous cat from Prostokvashino.
  • The house is surrounded by a beautiful pine forest or lush green meadows, a river flows nearby? Then why not reflect this in the title? How do you like “Dacha at the Grove”, “Zarechye”, “Green Glade”?
  • Finally, you can always give a dwelling the name of one of the owners or mention in the title a family name. For example: “Katino estate”, “Ivanova hut”, “Petrovo”, “Sidorovka”.

The origin of the word "home"

Many wonder why the house was called home. "House" (derived from "* demti" - "build" (cf. Greek. "Demo" - "build")). in the literal sense - “a structure built by human hands dwelling”.

The word "home" has Indo-European roots. Similar words, meaning “refuge”, “dwelling”, “owner”, “spouse”, were in ancient Indian, Greek, Latin languages. In particular, the word is related to the ancient Indian "dámas" - "house", "dámūnas" - "home related to the house." In ancient Russia, the word "home" first appeared in the XI century.