How to call a fairy?

Vladislav Rogovsky
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How to call a fairy?

Surely each of us in childhood heard stories about goldfish and fairies. To believe in such things or not is up to everyone to decide. Today we will talk about how to call the fairy.

From time immemorial fairies are called the good-natured creatures of small size, which often appear in the form of small flying girls and are patrons of the entire flora and fauna of the Earth. Against the background of all the fairies, one separate species stands out - fairy desires (they are often also called simply good fairies). According to belief, these fairies can come to a man and fulfill any of his wishes, requests, or simply help to overcome difficulties on the path to success. How to cause a fairy of desires?

How to call a good fairy

You can call a fairy at night or in the evening, in the afternoon or in the morning. Day of the week does not play a role. All you have to worry about is the lunar calendar. The ritual must be held only in the full moon. First, formulate and write down your desires on a separate piece of paper. Put a note with desires in your left pocket.You will need a bell, so worry about your equipment in advance. When the full moon comes, you can proceed to the call:

  1. Go out to the field.
  2. Complete three circles (the more circles - the better) counterclockwise.
  3. During the passage of circles ring the bell.
  4. At the same time, repeat: �The fairy of desires, meek and gentle, kind and meek, omnipotent, but tiny. Come now before me. I need your help".
  5. When you have completed three laps, stop and read your wishes with a note loudly. You have to put all your emotions in the reading of desires in order for the fairy to feel them.
  6. After the ritual, bury the note in the field or in the forest.

Now you know how to call the fairy. As you can see, everything is quite simple. Believe and do not back down. Good luck!