How to calculate income?

The need to address the issue of how to calculate income arises not only among entrepreneurs, but also among ordinary people. In addition, each housewife, planning a family budget, must know the amount of the estimated income, and at the end of a month or another reporting period, forging a debit with a loan, should receive a profit received by the family. To do this, of course, you need to know what profit is and what income is the same or different concepts.

Revenue Calculation Procedure

Before calculating income, you must have all the documents confirming the receipt of material benefits for the reporting period, and this procedure is not only when calculating the income of a company, organization or family business, but also calculating the income of an ordinary family. The source of income in this case is unimportant, because the main thing is that the income was received, and not their origin. Depending on the purpose of counting incomes, some of them are counted in the “common basket”, and some are not. For example, if a family needs to take a bank loan and for this purpose incomes are counted, then their composition does not take into account those money or valuable gifts, the cost of which cannot be documented.

When filling out a tax return, even income received in kind must be taken into account in the total amount. Before you calculate the tax on income, you need to know that the cost of in-kind rewards and gifts is taken into account at prices that are typical for a particular region, but established by the state.

How to calculate net income

Net income is a very important criterion for both large and medium-sized enterprises. Yes, and for the ordinary citizen it will be useful to know how to calculate the net income, since this indicator is fundamental for issuing a loan to a family. The fact is that net income is the difference between income and taxes paid to the state budget. However, net income is not yet net profit, since this indicator is calculated a little differently.

For example, the average annual family income is 500 thousand rubles. Taxes for the year were paid 100 thousand rubles. Thus, the net income of a family is 500 - 100 = 400 thousand rubles.

How to calculate the USN income

This method of calculation must be known to individual entrepreneurs.So, before how to calculate the USN income, the entrepreneur must know that with this calculation the cash method is used. That is, all the funds received by the IP cash register on his bank account are included in the structure of the USN income. Legislation defines the following list of income included in the USN income:

  • Revenues from the sale of goods, services and works, both in cash and in kind.
  • Non-operating expenses. A list of non-operating expenses can be found in Article 250 of the Tax Code. (This list is not closed, so if in it you do not find the revenues that are characteristic of your business, they must be included in the simplified tax system).

How to calculate the average monthly income

We have described above how to calculate family income, but the average monthly family income is calculated slightly differently, since it does not include some payments. Who needs to know how to calculate average monthly income? First of all, to those persons who apply to state social security services for assistance and subsidies.

When calculating the average monthly income, one-time payments are not taken into account, for example,one-time bonuses and indemnities for unused vacation, one-time benefits for dismissal, child support arrears, accrued over the past year, as well as some other payments. Considering the question of how to calculate the average monthly income, you need to understand that only accrued amounts are taken into account, and not actually received.

How to calculate GDP by income

If the above were considered calculations of income characteristic of the family budget or the budget of an individual individual entrepreneur, then show the GDP is macroeconomic, that is, it is used to calculate the income of the state. We will dwell on how to calculate GDP by income. Although, this method is one of several ways to calculate GDP, but it has the right to life in the same way as the others.

Many economists call this method of distribution "distributive." Its essence lies in the fact that GDP is represented as the sum of the factor income, which includes profit, wages, interest and rent. Thus, GDP is represented as the sum of remuneration for owners of factors of production who carry out activities in the state.According to this methodology, revenues are included in GDP, both received by residents and non-residents of the country, who for a specific time received income from their activities.

When calculating the gross domestic product, it is necessary to include depreciation, property income and retained earnings, as well as direct and indirect taxes on enterprises. Wages in the framework of this method of calculating GDP are the gross amount of wages and the amount of additional payments to employees.

Rent - the income of owners of immovable objects.