How to build a winter garden

In order not to say goodbye to the memories of summer in winter, you can build a winter garden. Winter garden systems may vary. The traditional is a glass extension to the dwelling, which has a roof and walls. And you can build a winter garden in a separate room, placing it near your home.

The design will depend on the desires of the owners. This can be, for example, a single-sided terrace, or a round tent.

As for the location of the winter garden, it is best if it will look to the East or the West. The northern direction is not suitable for growing plants due to poor light and frequent winds, and the southern one will be too hot.

For the construction of a good winter garden is better to use the services of experts. Now there are many companies that offer services for the design and construction of winter gardens. The entire system must be strong and reliable, stable to the effects of different atmospheric conditions, such as wind, scorching sun, rain, snow.We still need to think about the fact that the building does not overheat in summer and does not overcool in winter.

Detailed plan is made on the basis of the draft, selected by the customer together with a specialist. As a rule, it takes approximately one and a half months to form the plan and produce the system itself.

Materials needed for the construction of a winter garden: double-glazed windows for the roof and two-chamber for the walls. Sometimes, to save money, roofing is made from polycarbonate.

If you foresee all the nuances, entrust the installation to specialists and properly care, the riot of green all year round you provided.