How to build a barbecue stove

You will need
  • - a bucket of 20 liters or a cuvette of 60-90 liters for the preparation of mortar;
  • - one more bucket for clear water;
  • - mixer for mixing the components of the solution (suitable removable model of the mixer and perforator having a capacity of not less than 1 kW);
  • - trowel or trowel for applying the solution;
  • - rule;
  • - construction level (level length - not less than 1200 mm);
  • - jointing;
  • - Plumb;
  • - two angle grinders (in a different way - grinders) with a diamond disc having a diameter of 230 mm;
  • - small Bulgarian (disc diameter 115-125 mm).
At the same time it is important to correctly calculate and prepare the blades. The builders-stove-builders call bricks that have undergone special training as balkies: they were thinned, cut at a certain angle and chamfered.
Prepare the foundation for stovesB-B-Qeasier than at home. It is necessary to go deeper by 80 cm relative to the ground level, make a sand pad 10-15 cm high, then pour rubble or gravel (layer thickness - 5-10 cm).Next, you can lay a reinforcing mesh, tied with soft wire, and then pour the foundation with concrete mixture brand M100. The base of the furnace can be raised by 5-7 centimeters, but it is better to make it flush.
After waiting 3-4 days, you can proceed to the direct construction of the furnace forB-B-Q. Lay three layers of roofing material or glassine on the foundation, then apply a M50 grade mortar with a layer of 10-15 mm and level it horizontally. After that, start to lay the first row of bricks.
Lay out each successive row according to the drawings. Do not forget to check the horizontal position of each layer, as well as the verticality of the erected walls of the furnace. Provided you prepare enough rags for each layer, you will be able to handle the work in a maximum of 6-7 days.