How to breed for money?

To raise people for money is not good, something like this, in childhood, our mother told us in a modified form. Moneymaking is a dishonest game, a dishonest game is a hoax, and cheating is bad. But extraordinary time requires extraordinary actions, and if, in addition, and nature did not stint on your appearance and level of intelligence, then the universe itself ordered to use its gift. So, how to cash out your rich object of attention?

How to breed a man for money

Man purses for men's wallets are often met with disapproval of others, but the goals pursued by one woman or another can destroy any prejudice. A woman may seek to dissolve a guy for money because of a difficult financial situation, from a desire to draw attention to herself, for self-affirmation, and even a feeling of revenge. We will not focus on the reasons, we turn better to the methods.

The process of shaking out a men's wallet must be approached creatively and thoroughly. Ice cream in the park, a rose for a birthday and a chocolate “if only you would calm down” is a fine dust in comparison with the goal of real hunters.And in order to get a million, you need to be worthy of that million, or rather, to look and think accordingly.

It is useless to put pressure on a man’s pity. Of course, at first he will feel like a powerful patron saving a poor poor student, or a girl with a small salary, or a failed life. But in the end, tired of the endless complaints and whimpers, he will leave Madame with her self-esteem.

A woman must be independent and successful. At the very least, it should look so as to successfully achieve more and more valuable things. Create an image of an impregnable and wealthy beauty, just left the boutique and fragrant with all the aromas of France. That is how you can make a man not get rid of ice cream and merry-go-rounds. But! Be wary of the same hunters from the opposite side of the barricades, called pick-upers. In such a union, the one who pays the first will lose.

On the other hand, many men enjoy their Pygmalion complex: they dream to grow their beautiful Galatea from some simple Cinderella,which will be the creation of only his hands and will be immensely grateful to him. So the image of a simple girl with the makings can also play the role of an excellent bait. Act on the situation and turn on the intuition.

Divorce for money: instructions for use

  1. Before you drag your man to an expensive boutique, "practice" on inexpensive things that you can buy yourself. So to say, touch the water before jumping into it with a bomb.
  2. Do not press on men, build a situation so that he feels himself a generous master, and not a henpecked, from whom you pulled a couple of hundred dollars. In a shop or cafe, pay for yourself by chance, and at his request to pay, make a surprised and embarrassed face and agree. Bottom line - your man is grateful to you for taking his money.
  3. In the store, do not rush to the thing you like. Look at her, ask a million questions to the seller, make a couple of hundred laps around her. When a man asks why you still did not buy a nineteenth-century lamp or a silk dress with a neckline to the navel, say that you are used to spending money only on practical things. One-two - and the thing is yours.
  4. Reach into the cafe for the score first. Men like independent women, but the feeling of domination will prevail, and he will pay the bill himself.
  5. Do not sell cheap. If a man after dinner in a cafe offered to go to him and drink tea or watch a collection of lute music, it is better to refuse delicately and make it clear that such a young and beautiful girl goes to a man for a reason. This is the key to future divorce for money.

How to dissolve a girl for money

Men who dream of the status of the ward of a rich lady have to do a little more difficult: here is the established canon that a man should show his qualities and pay himself. Violates this canon of blessed emancipation. Now it is full of independent rich ladies who are not averse to demonstrating their independence and patronage to the male sex. Therefore, the fishing rod should be cast in this lake with rich ladies.

It is practically useless to raise a young, rich and intelligent girl for money - this instantly will see a gigolo and send him to look for happiness in other lands. Another thing - women spectacular, wealthy, but, as they say, "not the first freshness." Such a person will take you under his wing with pleasure and become your guardian.The rules for divorcing such a lady are the same as for girls.

Hunt with pleasure, just be careful not to get caught on anyone’s fishing rod yourself or yourself.