How to break a hand?

Quite rarely, but, nevertheless, some people have a need to break their arm. This is, of course, a very cardinal measure, but what to do. As they say - it happens. Someone will say that breaking a hand on your own at home is easier than ever. To do this, you can use a door, stick, cant or even a sink. Perhaps this is so. Another thing - how to break a hand with minimal pain. In any case, absolutely no pain will not work, since even the introduction of pain medication itself can be very unpleasant and even painful.


Continuing the topic of how to break a hand, the first thing you need to pay attention to the issue of anesthesia. So, you first need to do the conduction anesthesia with a bivucaine or marcain in the central nerve under the arm. It is worth noting immediately that only a doctor can make such an injection. Alone a person, far from medicine, to get into the nerve is simply unrealistic. Moreover, erroneous actions can lead to very disastrous consequences. After the above remedies are inserted, the nerve will be �killed� for about an hour. Although everything, of course, depends on the dose and the specific person.This type of anesthesia will eliminate the appearance of pain in the bones. However, this is not enough. So that you do not feel pain in the flesh and muscles, you need to make a couple of lidocaine injections directly into the arm itself. High-quality anesthesia is the only adequate aid in how to break an arm without pain. Alcohol, cold and other banal methods in this situation are ineffective.


After using the drugs to block the nerves on the arm, it must be placed in a vice. Clamp your limb to be firmly in the wrist area, so that the radius is as static as possible. After that, hit the elbow with your free hand so that the arm goes for a kink. This should be done sharply. If you yourself can not, refer to a friend, or even better - to a familiar medic who knows how to quickly break a hand. The main thing is that the latter does not honor the Hippocratic Oath.

At the moment of impact, the main thing is not to overdo it, as otherwise there will be an open fracture. Although, perhaps, it is this type of injury that you seek. Who knows you? However, it should be understood that an open fracture entails surgery, the need to install brackets, plates and other orthopedic devices. Anyway, the consequences of open fractures are very deplorable.

Further actions

Continuing the theme of how to break your arm painlessly, it should be noted that, before breaking your limb, you must call an ambulance or a taxi. This safety measure will be relevant for open fractures and bleeding. Moreover, even if everything goes well, and you get the expected closed fracture, one way or another, you have to go on an x-ray. So the cost of a taxi in any case justified.

One more thing - don�t tell the doctors that you broke your arm specifically if you don�t want to be registered in the mental hospital. Just come up with a plausible adequate version of how you broke your arm.