How to block the site?

Negative features of the Internet are a large number of sites that contain dangerous or simply undesirable content for a number of users. Ordinary social networks that take a lot of time from a child or employees can be no less “harmful”. Fight it easy. It is enough to block an unnecessary site on the computer, for which there are a number of ways.

Hosts file

The most common way to block a specific site (or sites) is to make changes to the system hosts file. Depending on the type and parameters of the operating system, its editing may not be available in normal mode. Therefore, it is better to immediately perform the required actions in safe mode. For this:

  1. we load the computer in safe mode (“F8” button at boot);
  2. in any explorer we follow the address C: \ WINDOWS \ system32 \ drivers \ etc;
  3. open the hosts file using Notepad;
  4. add at the end a line like “ xxx.yy”, where “xxx.yy” is the address of the unwanted site (if you need to block several sites, add the above lines with a bar);
  5. close the file;
  6. agree to save the changes;
  7. reboot the computer.

It is important to remember that some sites have multiple domain names. To completely block a specific site, you must make entries for each domain.

Programs to block

If the manipulation of the hosts file did not bring the desired results, you can use one of the special programs to block sites. Using them will also be convenient and, if necessary, often close or open access to some resources of the Web.

K9 Web Protection

A fairly common program that has a small size and almost does not expend system resources. With its help, you can block access to both one and several sites. K9 Web Protection is available for free download to the manufacturer.

An activation code is sent to each user to a personal e-mail address (indicated during installation by clicking the link “Request a License”). To block a site with its help, you must:

  1. run the utility;
  2. press the “Setup” button;
  3. In the new window, click on the link “Web Categories to Block” in the left pane of the program;
  4. put a marker in front of the item "Monitor";
  5. click on the “Web Site Exceptions” link in the left pane of the program;
  6. in the section “Always Block” in the field “Enter a URL” enter the full address of the site (which must be blocked);
  7. press the “Add to List” button;
  8. Click the Save button.

Internet Censor

Designed to protect a child from unwanted resources, the program allows you to use pre-installed “white sheets” or create your own (both “white” and “black”). Free download Internet Censor is possible on the developer.

For registration, you will need to enter your email address. The process of adding prohibited sites in it comes down to:

  1. the launch of the program;
  2. go to the section "My rules";
  3. Adding prohibited sites to the list field of the same name.


Virtually every modern browser provides the ability to block unwanted sites by installing special add-ons (extensions). For example, in Mozilla Firefox this is done like this:

  1. launch the browser;
  2. Press the "Open Menu" button;
  3. select the item "Additions";
  4. click on the link “Get add-ons” (on the left);
  5. in the search field (on the add-ons page) we write “Block site”;
  6. press the Enter key;
  7. click the "Install" button opposite the desired add-on;
  8. click on the link "Extensions";
  9. Click the "Settings" button opposite the Block site add-on;
  10. In the new window, click the "Add" button;
  11. in the new window in the field "Location" enter the address of the site and click "OK";
  12. uncheck the checkbox “Enable warning messages” (turn off the message about blocking a site when accessing it);
  13. Click the "OK" button.

Similarly, the Block site is configured in other browsers (supporting add-ons). Some of them have their own tools for blocking. For example, you can learn about this feature of the Opera browser in our article How to block a site in Opera.

However, these types of protection are the least effective. The person who was required to protect from a particular resource can always download an alternative browser and enter unwanted sites with it.