How to become an author?

In order to conduct a heading and write articles, you need to know the basics of journalism. To write a more serious work, such as a book, you will need some writing experience and rich imagination. How to become an author is the topic of our article.

Habit read

To become a good author, you must have a broad outlook, as well as the ability to express your thoughts on paper. Ordinary reading will help in this difficult task: spend two hours of your time reading books every day.

Think about the genre in which you would like to work and start reading books on selected topics.

Such a habit will help you select new ideas, as well as learn about common cliches that are often used to write text.

After reading another book, think about what you got hooked into it. And then think about how you can hook your reader.


If you seriously decide to become a real author, then getting a special education will not be superfluous.

Besides the fact that you can learn how to write the right texts, you will also get to know a lot of people who may be useful in the future, learn from the experience and knowledge of other authors.The advantage of the school will also be the fact that you can get feedback on your work from teachers and classmates.

Faculty of philology or journalism is almost at every university. One of the best are the Faculty of Journalism at MGGU Sholokhov, the Faculty of International Journalism at MGIMO, the Gorky Literary Institute.

If you are not ready to learn, it is still worth taking care of the opinions of the first readers, for example, to let your friends or relatives look through the draft.

If you want to become the author of ordinary articles for the Internet portal, then getting a special education is not at all necessary.

How to write a work

Genre and idea

As we said above, the first thing you need to decide on the genre (fiction, fiction, horror, novel, etc.)

Next come up with a basic idea for the book. The idea should be different originality to captivate the reader. Come up with a simple idea and develop it in the course of history, introducing new actions and characters.

If you want to sell your book, then it will not be superfluous to monitor the book market: study books that are successful and sell well.


After you come up with the basic idea, you need to prescribe the basis for the book:

  1. Think up the main character (describe your appearance, character, habits, etc.);
  2. Following the same parameters, think up an anti-hero;
  3. If possible, list all the actors;
  4. Give names to characters;
  5. In more detail paint the storyline;
  6. Describe the area where the events will take place;
  7. Decide which person the story will go from (1st - I / we, 2nd - you / you, 3rd - he / she / it / they).

Further, following the written plan, write a draft version of the book and let it be read to reliable friends and relatives for receiving a review. You can also contact the experts for evaluation and advice.

Editing work

After you have finished the text, you must read your work several times and make the necessary changes. It is best to read the work out loud.

Check the text for spelling, punctuation, stylistic and grammatical errors.


The finished text must be arranged according to the rules. Read more in the article How to make a manuscript for the publisher.

Next, you need to decide on the type of publication:

  • You can publish a book through a literary agent who, for a fee, will take all the responsibilities of publishing the work on him;
  • You can send the work to several publishers yourself and wait for a response;
  • Publish a book at your own expense (samizdat). In this case, you can pay the publisher to publish your work, or send the book to the press, taking care of the distribution channel in advance.