How to become a teacher?

Olga Koval
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How to become a teacher?

Teaching activity attracts many, but not everyone can become a real teacher. To become a teacher in school, you must graduate from a pedagogical institute or college. It is worth noting that the school gives the right to teach only in preschool institutions or in elementary school classes. At the Pedagogical Institute, students are invited to choose a specialization and become a graduate specialist in one of their school subjects.

In order to have the right to teach in schools and in institutes, it is necessary to complete a master's degree or graduate school. In some cases, it is possible to remain a teacher at the institute where you studied, but at the same time being trained in graduate school. It is worth noting that this way you can become a teacher of any institution.

There is another option, how to become a teacher. To do this, you can work in your specialty, become an excellent expert in your field, develop a new concept,come up with something unusual or invent a new technique - and you will be asked to share your knowledge with young professionals. This is how the surgeon-cardiologist Amosov, the scout Orlov, or the actor Stanislavsky, became teachers.

Advantages and disadvantages of teaching

Teaching activity has its advantages and disadvantages, and you should think about it before choosing a pedagogical direction.

Among the advantages are the prestige of such work, you will always be in the center of attention, surrounded by authority and respect. And most importantly, you can share your knowledge and find followers of your business.

But, as in any other profession, there are some drawbacks. Work as a teacher is always associated with a huge nervous tension. In addition, the work consists not only in holding lessons or lectures, but also filling a huge number of plans and journals. And if you consider the salary, then the teachers, as a rule, are not high (this applies only to the countries of the former USSR).