How to become a moderator of Odnoklassniki?

Galina Devyatkina
Galina Devyatkina
November 17, 2014
How to become a moderator of Odnoklassniki?

The Odnoklassniki social network is one of the most visited Internet resources. This network has a huge number of users.

Moderation is the process of tracking order in the network, that is, the so-called "censorship". Become a moderator can any user of this social network. If you just have such a desire, you should figure out how to become a moderator in Odnoklassniki.

What is the responsibility of the moderator

Moderators in the Odnoklassniki network have the following duties:

  • follow discipline and order;
  • prevent unethical photos from entering the network;
  • blocking the pages of users who distribute such photos and behave inappropriately;
  • monitor compliance with the rules by all users.

Of course, for the performance of such work within the network there is a system of encouragement "points".These points can be accumulated and then used to pay for some services of the site (gifts, stealth mode, etc.).

The basic principle of scoring is a coincidence with the opinion of other moderators. If other moderators decided that the photo should be blocked, and you did not, then the points will not be credited to your account, but rather written off.

How to become a network moderator

  1. You probably already have a personal page in Odnoklassniki. If not, go through quick registration.
  2. On the left on the panel you will see the button “Check new photos”. Click on it.
  3. A page with administration rules will open. Be sure to read these rules, as these are the rules of your work, this is how you must work to get points.
  4. After you have read all the rules, click "I agree."
  5. A window will open where you need to mark the frequency with which you are ready to check the photos (maximum frequency - every 30 seconds, minimum - every 10 minutes).
  6. You are now a moderator.

How to proceed to the duties of a moderator

  1. In the top line of the main page you will see the menu (“Main”, “Friends”, “Photos” and so on).Click the "Other" button, then select the line "Auctions".
  2. A page with active auctions will open. In the upper right corner, find the “Earn More” button. You will see the moderator panel.
  3. On the panel, click "Moderation" and get to work.
  4. All that is needed is to click on the green or orange icon. Green - approve a photo, orange - block. Further, if your opinion coincides with the opinions of other moderators, you are awarded points.