How to be weird?

Why do many girls want to be strange? What is embedded in the concept of "strange man"? It is usually used in a positive or negative way. When people are closed in themselves, do not communicate with others, they are very closed, they are called strange, but perhaps there is no reason to strive for this option, because it will not contribute to either making new interesting acquaintances or personal growth.

However, the characteristic "strange" may have a different color, becoming synonymous with the word "unusual." An unusual girl like an unopened book for the rest - I want to read it, she draws attention to herself. Such a girl is interesting because she does something that can not fit into the usual framework and conditions. How to become strange in this sense? Let's try to figure it out.

Image change

First of all, you can change the style. This is the easiest way to seem strange. For example, bring gothic elements into the image or, on the contrary, add bright colors. Try on an image that has never been attached to you - it will make an impression on others.For example, try to become a romantic person, if you were previously “worn” exclusively in the image of the normcore.

Use hand-made jewelery and accessories: hand-made will add an unusual look to the look. Vintage shops - just a godsend for those who want to attract attention. Clothes from there, vintage hairpins, fancy caps will perfectly cope with the task, while allowing you to play with the image, experiment, perhaps find something new, diversify your style.

Reveal yourself

But one appearance can not do if a girl wants to be really interesting to people. Need work on the inner world. Remember this principle: if you want to be interesting for someone, first of all become interesting for yourself. Therefore, we recommend to try a new hobby. People who are carried away by something, who are ready to talk passionately about their hobby - they are strange in the most positive sense of the word. At the same time, you will be able to discover unexpected talents and abilities.

Listen to yourself and your desire - choose the most seemingly crazy ideas and just execute.For example, you have long dreamed of walking in the rain without an umbrella, so why not do it? It may seem strange, but you only become happier. And, therefore, to be strange in this case - only for the benefit! So feel free to fulfill the most unusual of your dreams and desires.

To be weird is to be smart?

Infrequently from the girl waiting for deep reasoning or knowledge in narrow areas. So why not surprise your surroundings? As you become smarter, you will broaden your horizons and learn many interesting facts. This will help you to read and communicate with smart people. Read more developing literature, classics, non-fiction. Do not forget to share your impressions with others. Smart and well-read people seem strange to many, but at the same time they are interesting.

Think creatively and act

Develop non-standard thinking. Act accordingly - not template, look for new solutions for typical situations. Behavior that goes beyond the usual framework, is remembered.

It should be mentioned that it is possible to be strange, by letting in mysteriousness upon oneself - to speak about oneself in riddles, to be mysterious. However, if this is not worth anything, then sooner or later you will still fall into an awkward situation. Yes, and you yourself will feel uncomfortable. Better to be open and do what you always wanted and like.Be bright, find a highlight and do not be afraid of the new. Communicate more with other strange, unusual people, find like-minded people. Then you yourself will be strange - and it will be great!