How to be a company star

Be in the image
Self-confidence begins with working on your own reflection in the mirror. It is not necessary to wear an evening dress or a casual costume to feel attractive, however you should look well-groomed and neat. Clean hair, neat manicure, ironed clothes - a good image begins with little things. Think in advance what you wear for the holiday, what accessories you will choose. Do not forget that the dress should be not only beautiful, but also comfortable. After all, constantly straightening the folds, straightening fallen straps and trying to pull off the hem, you can hardly concentrate on rest.
Be natural
Beginning communication with new acquaintances, avoid excessive sugary and feigned benevolence. Trying to "build bridges" with people who are completely uninteresting to you, you risk your own reputation. Insincerity in communication is easy to see with the naked eye, and it repels. Instead of desperately trying to be joined to the first group of people, look for really interesting interlocutors.
Be friendly
Lowered corners of the lips, eyes looking at the floor, arms crossed on the chest - would anyone dare to come to meet such a beech? A smile is the best way to win over people, as well as a non-verbal invitation to communicate. After all, a cheerful, optimistic person is always open to new things. Tune in to positive! Remember that you came to rest.
be careful
Do not forget about the rules of communication. For example, do not interrupt the speaker, trying to share your thoughts and thoughts about what was said. Listen to the end, and better - ask a couple of clarifying questions. Finding such a grateful listener is not easy, so you will definitely be able to win the position of the interlocutor. If your opinions do not agree, you should not turn the conversation into a loud skirmish, the course of which will be able to follow all those present. Respect the opponent’s point of view and his right to think differently from you.
Be on fire!
Take an active part in contests, quizzes and games.This is the best way to meet other guests.