How to build a team?

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How to build a team?

Every businessman at the start of his business is thinking about how to build a team of reliable assistants. Creating a good team is one of the important components of a successful business. This means that you can successfully delegate authority and achieve, thanks to this, high results.

What kind of people need to take the team?

There are three types of people who may be in a business team.

  • The first type is the so-called drivers. The most active, on which everything rests and on which the existence of a business depends, if there are no such people in the team, then the business will not last long. People of this type are constantly inventing something, giving out ideas, looking for ways to implement them, and pulling the collective behind them. Such people contribute to the development of the team;
  • The second type is neutral employees. They just do their job and have no influence on the team. Such people can work for one businessman, then easily go to another. The result of a business is not important for them; the most important thing is for them to be paid well and on time.As a rule, there are many such employees in each company;
  • The third type is destructive personalities. They are always dissatisfied with everything and do not actively participate in the life of the company. They do not want to work, do not want to correct mistakes. They are able to do something only when they are threatened or forced to work. Such people in the team themselves do not work well and influence others according to the principle “a bad example is infectious.” Such people can even destroy the whole company.

How to determine whether a person will join the team?

In fact, it is not so difficult to assemble a team, as it seems at first glance. In order to understand what a person is and how he will work, it is necessary to arrange a strength test for him during the trial period.

Some business gurus are advised to apply this technique: to make a person go to the end of the “Solo on the Keyboard” program. The program is quite monotonous, there are hundreds of tasks in it, and only a diligent person who can focus on the result can complete it and is ready to show perseverance for the sake of achieving the goal.

A good team is the key to success in business, so do not neglect its correct choice.