How to ask a guy what his plans are for me?

If he kisses at a meeting, but then he says that he is not sure that he wants a relationship.
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Answered December 16, 2015 12:41
And how old is he? If it is still small, then yes, apparently, it fears and doubts - if you like it, do not rush it in that case, you will understand later. If you are old enough, I do not know. For me personally, this is all seen as stupid excuses, he just wants to have fun with you without any desire for a relationship. If it suits you, go on.) If not, stand back, let them look for someone else. It is common for boys to do what they want, they are people of action. If it does not, it means that it does not want for some reason. It's simple. Watch carefully, watch, look at the situation.