How to alter the shirt?

If there are favorite things in your wardrobe, such as shirts, but they have become so familiar that you don’t have any desire to wear them. In such cases, you can either purchase a new thing, or redo the old one. It does not matter whose it is, yours or your man. There is always a thousand and one ways to transform a shirt into something completely new and original. And you should not think that shirts can be altered only in shirts with short sleeves and without sleeves, or in blouses of an interesting cut. Many other wardrobe details can be modeled from old shirts.

Before you change your shirt, you need to imagine what you want to get in the end. To do this, you can draw a sketch of the future thing, its component parts and a list of necessary.


There are quite simple ways how to alter a men's shirt into an elegant women's blouse. For example, you can sew a strict blouse in order to put it on with a skirt and jacket, made from a men's suit. To create a blouse you will need one men's shirt of any color and 10 meters of any finishing tape or lace.It is necessary to unpick the shirt collar and sew several rows of lace around the neck in order to completely close the stand. After that, unpick the cuffs and repeat the lace trim on the bottom of the sleeves, as well as on the fastener bar.


If the shirt has a characteristic print or pattern, for example, a large cell or a bright "tropical" ornament, then sew it into a robe. Need to unpick from the shirt cuff and collar. After, stitch tape, braid or other decor on the upper and lower edge of the shirt rack. You can also drape the sleeve, for this you need to lay at a distance of 6 - 8 cm from the beginning of the sleeve, trimmed with a seam decor, several rows of tensile stitching. If you want to make the silhouette fit, then you need to lay on the back of the shirt folds 1.5 cm deep along the waistline.


The dress can be sewn from a men's shirt, because it is larger in size and provides great opportunities for sewing. If you want to make a dress of a complex silhouette, for example, a fitted one, then you need to create a pattern with all the details. After, you need to cut out all the details of the pattern on the shirt. It is necessary to stitch the side seams and assemble the details of the future dress in the right places, on the details of the front, on the back and on the back of the sleeves.Then stitch a yoke to the details of the back and front and stitch shoulder seams. Next, you need to stitch the seam of the sleeves and stitch in the sleeves. After, you need to decorate the neck of the dress and sew to the bottom of the product ruffles.

But, in addition to men's shirts, there are ways to tackle women's shirts into original things. For example, to make a composite dress of women's shirts and t-shirts. To do this, cut the shirt along the chest, along the lower edges of the breast pockets. And along this line stitch the bottom of any T-shirt. T-shirt can be cut along the line located at the lower edges of the sleeves. Care must be taken to ensure that the length of the product is appropriate.


It can be altered from an old shirt with a large pattern or from a shirt of bright color. This apron can be sewn from several components. The connecting seam can run in the middle of the lower part of the apron and under the stitched shoulder straps. Also, additional seams can be “run” on the sides. After making these elements of the whole part of the apron, pockets in the form of a bag need to be set up, which can be decorated with edging along the side cut. The detail needs to be bent and hemmed with a seam or turn around.After, on the future waistline, you need to stitch from the seamy side of the strip of fabric into which you want to insert the elastic band. The ends of this gum should be fixed for 3 cm to the edge. In the left edge of the belt with an elastic band it is necessary to sweep a loop, and in the right you need to sew a button. Harvested straps should be set on the apron bodice, they should be connected in the middle at an angle. The ends of the straps must be attached to the upper oblique cuts on the back of the apron.

Now you know what you can change an unnecessary shirt to wear with pleasure and fashion.