How to set yourself up?

There are situations in life when everything falls out of the hands, one trouble comes after another, it is not clear what to do and how to get out of this state. Psychologists say that if you have a decadent mood, then trouble will surely begin to attract you. The mood will worsen, troubles will appear again and again. And then there are nervous breakdowns, diseases of internal organs, a person is close to the worst - the loss of health. And if you meet all the events in life with a positive, with a smile, then it is easier to experience them, and new troubles will not come. Therefore, it is very important to know how to set yourself up for the best in order to go through life with success.


This simoronovskaya technique will tell you how to adjust yourself psychologically to positive events. Affirmations are sentences that say what you want, not in the future, but in the present tense. For example, an affirmation to attract wealth looks like this: "I am a magnet for money, I attract money." It should be repeated up to 50 times a day, not necessarily out loud.You are driving or in a bus and repeat this memorized sentence. It is good to pronounce affirmations before bedtime, already lying in bed. At this point, the body relaxes and the brain perceives information better. In this case, you can not only pronounce the information, but also imagine pictures from your future life. There are also affirmations for love, for success, for health. It is not necessary to search for them on the Internet, write a short phrase-mood yourself and repeat it at least 50 times a day.

Wish Card

Let us tell you how to set yourself up for success with the help of a wish card. This is a very interesting way to not only clearly articulate your desires, but also visualize them. On the eve of a new moon, you need to collect pictures of everything that you want in life to realize that you are a successful person. You also need to take your photo where you are captured at a time when you were good. And at the time of the new moon, you take a sheet of cardboard and glue your picture in the center, and around - pictures of objects, places, conditions that you have prepared. If you are interested in how to set yourself up for good luck, then attach a picture of a three-leafed clover leaf, which is a symbol of good luck. This wish card can be hung in a prominent place to look at it every day, and if your homework treats your business with humor, then remove it from prying eyes, but every day take it out and admire your beautiful future. See how the positive gets into your life, your mood improves. It should be added that all your desires will not be fulfilled at once, but you should not leave work with the card of desires. By the way, it can be gradually supplemented.


Create your own individual horoscope, enter into it everything that you really want, what you dream of. List all events for the entire year by month. Then read yourself your horoscope, rejoice for yourself, imagine that you already have all this, remember your feelings. Afterwards, when you feel that your mood is deteriorating again, return yourself to that state of happiness, re-read the horoscope.

Act to make your dreams come true

The main rule of all these techniques is: not only think how to set yourself up for a positive wave, but also act. Make yourself a list of things that can bring you closer to your dream, and do these things in a good mood.