How not to spend money?

To spend or not to spend - that is the question for someone who does not know how to do this rationally. At first, such a person certainly needs to spend money on this or that thing, and when he comes home, it turns out that this thing is not needed at all. It's a shame, because the money could be spent with real benefits. Nowadays, the online stores have also been opened, so you can spend money from your card without leaving your home, without leaving the couch! Of course, sellers are trying to draw out more money from the citizens who are greedy for advertising. Therefore, except for us, no one can protect our wallets from unreasonable spending. So, we begin to learn how not to spend money on nonsense.

Reasons for unnecessary spending

Psychologists say that in the process of shopping a person receives what he does not receive in everyday life. If a person has a weak character, he is not very talented, does not receive either praise or enthusiasm, then coming to the store, on the contrary, he receives great attention from the sellers! They bring him to the fitting room, say how beautiful he is and how it suits him! And a person with pleasure believes that he is truly unique.And young girls, after watching advertisements and reports from fashion shows, tend to buy a lot of clothes, firmly believing that this next raincoat, scarf, brooch, will make them look like models on the cover. But all this is not so! Talents need to be developed, starting to engage in an interesting business, beauty comes in the gym or pool, and nothing else!

Do not carry a lot of money

If you go to the grocery store, do not go to other stores, even to "just see." Do not take a bank card with you; take cash as much as you need to purchase products. And try not to even look at other products. Best of all, if you have a limited time to go to the store, and you can only go into one department. There are several such “races”, and you will understand how to learn not to spend money, you will even be pleased that you are not the owner of a whole bag of unnecessary things, but the owner of a good amount of money.

Write lists

Before going to the store write a list of those products or things that you need to buy. It is best to remember your way to the store, the location of departments, and in the list arrange products and things so that you buy them along the way in order.You will have less chances to come across a “wonderful blouse”, “an amazing handbag”. If you are puzzled by the question of how to spend less money, then clearly follow this rule: you only need to buy what is written in the list, and nothing more!

Review priorities

If you are reading this, it is already good! So you're on your way to understanding how to spend less. If you really need to spend a certain amount of money, then buy a gym membership, buy a ticket abroad for the summer, a new diving equipment, go to law and buy a new car! It will not be a waste, it is a real direct investment in yourself, loved one!

Rules short line

  • Get yourself one day a week when you don’t have to cross the threshold of a single store.
  • As soon as you are invited by friends to shop, refuse!
  • On a weekday, do not take a wallet with you. Take the money to travel to work, and for lunch - a couple of sandwiches and yogurt.
  • Write in a separate notebook all your expenses, for what and how much money you spent.
  • Determine how much and what you need from clothes and do not exceed the limit!
  • Put money in the bank for a certain period at good interest! But so that it was impossible to remove them!
  • Get yourself a limit that you can spend a week, and never exceed it!