How not to quit?

In life, there are often such cases when the leadership of an organization forces them to resign voluntarily. No less rare are situations when a person wants to quit on his own will, but not. What to do in such cases? Consider the presented situation in more detail.

How not to quit "under duress"?

In this case, it is necessary, first of all, to contact a specialist in this field, namely, a lawyer for labor disputes or the state labor inspectorate and obtain a sufficient amount of necessary information about what sanctions the judicial authority or the State Labor Inspectorate can impose rights of workers. Consultation in the State Labor Inspectorate is free, it is better to start with it.

It is necessary to give an expert to study the employment contract, as it is often in many organizations, it contradicts the current rules of labor law. If possible, let the employer understand that you are aware of this important information and hint that it will not go unpunished for violating the rights of the employee.

After that, the employer can leave you alone. And if, after all, you did not manage to avoid forced dismissal, it is better to quit on your own will. You will learn how to do it correctly from our other article.

If you really want to quit, but you can not

But what about when you are not forced to quit, but you really want to do it? This, for example, happens when one family member earns money, while another sits with young children. In such cases, the best way will be daily self-motivation, which boils down to the fact that every morning you need to inspire yourself with the idea that the main thing in life is the happiness of the family, which can easily and quickly break about lack of money. There are often situations when a person needs a stable salary. It is necessary to arrange for themselves intermediate small goals and one big final goal and to strive towards it, despite all obstacles.

When the situation becomes completely dead-end, then you need to write an application for dismissal, you can read more about it here.

I would also like to say a few words about how to love or endure your work.

One of the ways out of this situation is to emotionally abstract from the work itself and adjust yourself internally to something else, for example, to the result of your work. In other words, every month you have a certain number of advance and then after some time wages. Set yourself a goal, which is that the result of your activity is money, and you have to go through some series of tests in order to achieve this goal.

Think more often about people who have a desire to work, but there is no such opportunity. Do not forget that other work may be worse than the one that is. It may well be that at the new job you will not pass a trial period or will spend a huge amount of time traveling to and from work.